What rig for ris­ing roach?

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ROACH on my lo­cal lake come off the bot­tom quickly as soon as I start to loose­feed. Do I need a dif­fer­ent rig to catch them up in the wa­ter?

Phil Clifton, Measham

THE an­swer is to fish shal­low, or at least at mid-depth, with a rig that will cover much of the swim and give you the chance to pick off roach from an inch deep to half­way down.

Roach that have come off bot­tom will top on the sur­face and you’ll get hold-ups on the float as they in­ter­cept the bait as it falls and hold­ing shot up so the float fails to set­tle. The real give­away, though, is no bites once the float has fi­nally set­tled, of course.

When this hap­pens, switch over to a pole rig (right), start­ing at around half-depth with strung-out shot to give the bait a uni­formly slow fall through the wa­ter, which gives you the best chance of get­ting a bite on the drop. If no bites come, shal­low up the rig by three or four inches and re­peat the process. You’ll soon find where the fish are, as you’ll con­nect with bites more reg­u­larly.

How you lay the rig into the swim goes a long way to de­cid­ing how many fish you catch. The pop­u­lar way is to lay the rig on to the sur­face of the wa­ter par­al­lel with the bank. Oc­ca­sion­ally, though, flick the rig past the pole-tip and lay it in with the bait on the op­po­site side of the float to you. Very slowly low­er­ing the rig in so it falls ver­ti­cally, al­most an inch at a time, also of­fers a com­pletely dif­fer­ent style of pre­sen­ta­tion and can turn missed in­di­ca­tions into fish in the net.

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