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SHOULD I keep my pole rig still or give it a lit­tle move­ment from time to time? I fish a lake for roach and skim­mers.

Grant Collingridge, Ware

SKIM­MERS like a still bait, but from time to time it would be good to move the rig as this can spur a fish into tak­ing the bait.

All that’s needed is a slight 6ins drag of the rig to one side, then hold the float still, al­low­ing the rig to set­tle. If a fish is around, it will fol­low the bait and grab it when it stops.

This works bril­liantly on lakes with a lot of nat­u­ral move­ment caused by the wind, fish­ing with rel­a­tively large 1g-1.5g pole floats. It catches a lot of fish on slow-flow­ing rivers too. MY lo­cal lake has a very silty bot­tom but is full of skim­mers. What would be a good bait?

Ryan Craw­ford, Guild­ford

NOTH­ING too heavy that sinks or wrig­gles into the bot­tom!

Top baits with­out a doubt are cast­ers, small pieces of meat or ex­pander pel­lets. All are light and will sit on top of the silt.

On the sub­ject of feed­ing, try to avoid ground­bait balls or large pel­lets that will sink – mi­cros, cast­ers or ground­bait fed loose with­out be­ing squeezed into a ball are per­fect. I’VE seen some de­vices called Rocket feed­ers in my tackle shop. What are they for?

Harry Gaunt, Lin­coln

THESE are cage feed­ers with all their load­ing at one end, as op­posed to along the length of the body.

They can be cast a lot fur­ther than a stan­dard open-end feeder as the weighted end flies like a rocket, as the name sug­gests, cut­ting through side winds with ease.

They are com­monly used on big bream lakes where you need to cast up to 80 yards.

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