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WHILE pumped ex­pander pel­lets are a great hook­bait, they can prove to be too del­i­cate to with­stand the splash­down of a Method feeder.

In­stead, make these tough jelly pel­lets. These are easy to hair-rig, and fish love them!

Their rub­bery tex­ture means they can be hooked di­rect, or fished on a hair or a bait band.

The Vege-Gel is a neu­trally flavoured prod­uct, but there’s ab­so­lutely no rea­son why you can’t add your own flavour­ings and colours as you dis­solve this gela­tine sub­sti­tute in hot wa­ter.

Give jelly pel­lets a try soon!


Dis­solve a sa­chet of Vege-Gel (avail­able from the cake mak­ing sec­tion of your lo­cal su­per­mar­ket) in half-a-pint of hot wa­ter.


Add a tea­spoon­ful of Shell­fish Sense Ap­peal. This nat­u­ral ex­tract is a brilliant ad­di­tive, es­pe­cially for carp and tench.


Put a hand­ful of ex­pander pel­lets into a bait pump and cover them with the warm so­lu­tion of Vege-Gel.


Pump the pel­lets and then give them a good shake. Leave them for three min­utes be­fore re­leas­ing the pres­sure on the pump and pour­ing them out.


Leave the pel­lets to ab­sorb the liq­uid so they are soft right through. On cool­ing, the Vege-Gel forms a rub­bery com­pound that gives per­fect jelly pel­lets.

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