How deep for a pel­let wag?

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HOW shal­low do I need to be when fish­ing the pel­let wag­gler?

Jake Cranston, Wor­thing

FIRST of all, check the rules of your fish­ery as they may have a limit as to how shal­low you can fish – typ­i­cally around 12ins and no less. If the swim is around 6ft deep, be­gin by fish­ing at 3ft (half-depth) and start loose­feed­ing. Ei­ther you will get bites and hook fish or get in­di­ca­tions and miss them.

If you are catch­ing, carry on with what you’re do­ing but if you are strik­ing into thin air all the time, come shal­lower. Slide the wag­gler 6ins up the line and carry on fish­ing. You’re try­ing to find the depth where the carp are hap­pi­est feed­ing.

This could be as lit­tle as 2ins shal­lower than your start­ing point or it could be a foot un­der the sur­face.

Carry on shal­low­ing up by 6ins at a time un­til you be­gin hook­ing carp.

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