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PAUL Gar­ner’s thoughts on boilies this week are re­ally in­ter­est­ing (see pages 44/45). He ad­vo­cates chang­ing their shape or tex­ture and even mak­ing your own us­ing ready-made mixes from rep­utable pro­duc­ers, but to your own con­sis­tency, colour and even flavour.

All that is ad­mirable and, as Paul says, carp get ev­ery­thing they need from a qual­ity boilie to grow and flour­ish. How­ever, I don’t like ‘bait’ to mean ‘food’, es­pe­cially where carp are con­cerned. Un­less the vol­ume of un­nat­u­ral food eaten is strictly con­trolled the fish be­come weak and less re­sis­tant to stress, which in turn in­vokes KHV and other ills.

From a bait point of view I con­cur with Paul com­pletely. It’s the old ‘pop-up-over-a-bed’ or ‘sin­gle bright hook­bait’ the­ory with knobs on.

I’ve been do­ing a bit of semi-proper carp­ing lately and I Spomb out a wide va­ri­ety of food items – pel­lets, corn, chopped boilies and so on. I think the va­ri­ety con­fuses the fish, mak­ing it eas­ier for them to slip up and take a hook while graz­ing. It’s a sim­i­lar the­ory to my old match fish­ing tac­tic of feed­ing cast­ers and hemp and us­ing mag­gots on the hook.

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