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HAT is the one thing that all carp an­glers have in com­mon? Chances are that a round ball of boiled paste will be their bait of choice. per­haps boil­ing them for only a few sec­onds to make them much softer…

One very use­ful idea is to make baits that are much big­ger than the norm. Most carp an­glers use 15mm boilies in the UK, but carp can eat much big­ger baits. Why not try mak­ing a batch of 24mm baits or even larger?

Not only will these big baits be im­mune to tench and bream, but the carp won’t have seen any­thing like them for a long, long time.


One of my favourite tactics, but one that I very rarely see used by other an­glers, is to bait up us­ing flaked or chopped boilies. You can buy ready­made boilie flake, but it is easy to make your own us­ing an elec­tric food pro­ces­sor or hand-held food chop­per. Just put a hand­ful of boilies into the ma­chine and smash them into chunks.

Flake is bril­liant stuff – not only is ev­ery piece a dif­fer­ent size and shape, but it also breaks the skin of the bait down, al­low­ing the at­trac­tion to be re­leased faster. Flat sides mean that the flake sits on top of weed or silt, but the most im­por­tant fac­tor is that flake is dif­fer­ent to nor­mal boilies.

My top tac­tic is to spod out a bed of boilie flake and fish a PVA bag of flake with a trimmed-down boilie hook­bait over the top. Most other an­glers will think you are spod­ding hemp or pel­lets – only you will know the se­cret.


When boilies have been in the wa­ter for a few hours they turn a paler colour, swell and soften up and have a more sub­tle flavour. I am sure carp are more likely to pick up a bait that looks like it has been in the wa­ter for some time, and a soft soaked boilie will of­ten catch more than one straight from the bag.

I know sev­eral top carpers who will take a bucket of lake wa­ter home with them and soak their bait the night be­fore their next ses­sion. This is a bit ex­treme (and never use baits soaked with wa­ter from one lake on another venue as there is a risk of spread­ing dis­ease), but you can get the same ef­fect by soak­ing baits in the mar­gins us­ing a mesh bag. When you re­cast, your baits will look iden­ti­cal to the ones in­tro­duced at the start of your ses­sion.

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