What wag­gler rig should I use for a river chub?

Cover your en­tire swim

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FOR much of my river chub fish­ing I use the feeder, but I’d like to catch a few on the float. What type of wag­gler should I use, and what should the rig look like?

Dave Stil­goe, Warwick

RIVER chub are famed for lov­ing the cover of far-bank trees and bushes, and that can put the pole out of the equa­tion when it comes to catch­ing them. The feeder will work but of­fers only a static bait, so on days when the fish are show­ing a pref­er­ence for a mov­ing meal, that leaves the only wag­gler to turn to.

Cast just off those far-bank fea­tures. Used along­side loosefed mag­gots, cast­ers and hemp, the float can coax chub out from the trees. The wag­gler can also be trot­ted down the peg to pick off fish that have spooked.

If your peg of­fers lit­tle cover, you may be bet­ter off find­ing a run in the swim that of­fers even depth and steady flow, an area that will al­ways at­tract chub wait­ing to pick off nat­u­ral food. Shal­low wa­ter can be good for this.

If the swim is less than 4ft deep, a short, very buoy­ant float will be needed, known as a Spec­i­men Wag­gler. This looks more like a pel­let float for carp fish­ing on com­mer­cials.

This float will not be dragged un­der eas­ily and can ride un­even cur­rents with ease. For a stan­dard deeper swim, look at a straight pea­cock wag­gler of be­tween 3AAA and 4SSG, de­pend­ing on the dis­tance you need to cast.

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