Your mix should cloud the wa­ter and re­lease quickly

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ARP spend an aw­ful lot of time up in the wa­ter at this time of year, so fish­ing on the deck can of­ten be a waste of time. feed­ing hard in a cloud of fine par­ti­cles that hang in the wa­ter.

While the baggin’ wag­gler, and its close rel­a­tive, the rocket feeder, are nor­mally thought of as ways to catch small carp, this is far from the truth.

Hav­ing wit­nessed carp to over 20lb landed on th­ese tac­tics I know they are just as ef­fec­tive on well-stocked runs wa­ters too.

So when the go­ing gets tough on the deck, break out the sur­face feed­ers and get catch­ing up in the wa­ter!


Many an­glers, I feel, make their ground­bait too stiff when us­ing the baggin’ wag­gler.

Re­mem­ber, each cast should last a cou­ple of min­utes at most, just enough time for the hook­bait to fall through the top few feet and come to rest for a minute in mid­wa­ter.

If you are wind­ing in af­ter this time and there is still bait around the cage then it is too sticky.

The main rea­son for ground­bait be­ing left on the cage is be­cause peo­ple are us­ing mixes de­signed for the Method feeder, which need to break down slower.

By all means use your favourite Method ground­bait, but adapt it for use on the baggin’ wag­gler to speed up its break­down.

An easy way of achiev­ing fast break­down is to mix your cho­sen ground­bait with the same amount of brown crumb.

Crumb is noth­ing like as sticky and will help the mix sep­a­rate. You can add other fast-break­down in­gre­di­ents too, such as crushed hemp, maize meal and krill pow­der, to cre­ate more of a cloud.

I will oc­ca­sion­ally check the break­down speed of my ground­bait in the edge to make sure that it is work­ing cor­rectly and re­leas­ing quickly. If it isn’t, then try mix­ing in a small amount of dry crumb.


A 10mm boilie is the stan­dard baggin’ wag­gler hook­bait. Al­though this is ef­fec­tive, is it al­ways the right op­tion? Boilies are among the fastest sink­ing of

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