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Of­ten called the ‘cow shark’, it grows to well over 8m. Th­ese sharks are char­ac­terised by a broad, pointed head, six pairs of gill slits, comb-like, yel­low teeth and a long tail. Com­monly stud­ied deep-sea sharks, they are scav­engers with a keen sense of smell. They have been found at depths down to 2,500ft (760m)


The large up­per cau­dal fin can of­ten be half the to­tal length of th­ese fish-eat­ing sharks. It’s used to stun their prey be­fore small, blade like teeth are used to dev­as­tat­ing ef­fect They can grow up to 900lb and have a short snout and large eyes placed for­ward on the head. Like dol­phins, they are known to jump clear of the wa­ter, be­hav­iour called ‘breach­ing’.


The blue shark is a pelagic (open wa­ter) fish with a dis­tinc­tively coloured, stream­lined body. It reaches nearly 4m, and its con­i­cal snout and long pec­toral fins en­able it to glide along in the ocean cur­rents. It is found in the At­lantic, Pa­cific and In­dian Oceans and feeds on other fish and some­times seals. Blues in the UK are caught mainly off the Gulf Stream coasts of Wales, Corn­wall and Ire­land.

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