BY late af­ter­noon, in bak­ing heat, I was wilt­ing from my wan­der­ings along the banks of the Avon and it seemed sen­si­ble to head back home to Wilt­shire – but I couldn’t help my­self. Af­ter a cool drink and an ice cream I felt re­freshed, and de­cided on im­pulse to make a slight de­tour.

I drove down a bumpy lane to a small lake I knew of, where be­tween the flow­ers of brandy bot­tle lilies sev­eral backs broke the sur­face.

A hand­ful of mix­ers later the free of­fer­ings were be­ing slurped up, and I needed no fur­ther in­cen­tive to cast.

A big com­mon was my tar­get, and as it rose to my float­ing glugged mixer I held my breath.

My brief Hamp­shire hol­i­day was about to come to a per­fect end.

Sim­ple tackle for catch­ing sur­face carp.

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