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SLAP­PING: An­glers lift their pole rig and slap it on the sur­face to cre­ate the sound of pel­lets be­ing fed. It is done repet­i­tively and once the fish come into the swim, they in­stantly swal­low the hookbait as there is no other loose feed.

TAP­PING: Sim­i­lar to slap­ping, but it is the pole-tip that is thrashed around on the sur­face to cre­ate the noise. Some an­glers feed ab­so­lutely noth­ing, tap for the whole ses­sion and man­age to catch well over 200lb.

METHOD FEEDER : One of the most pop­u­lar tac­tics in the coun­try, but some fish­ery own­ers can’t stand the sight of it! The short hook length means that no strike is needed and the fish hook them­selves. The Glebe, Hall­croft Fish­ery and Viaduct Fish­ery all ban the Method.

FLOAT­ING POLE: This was a real win­ner when com­mer­cials first hit the scene and still scores heav­ily on some waters. An­glers float the ma­jor­ity of their pole on the wa­ter, sit­ting on the butt sec­tion with the pole-tip just out of the wa­ter. A length of line is at­tached to a hook, and when a fish takes the hookbait it hooks it­self against the weight of the pole and bolts off.

NO FLOAT RIG: A length of line runs be­tween the pole-tip and hook, with a BB shot placed on the line. The fish swal­lows the hookbait and in­stantly hooks it­self against the pole-tip, re­mov­ing the need to strike.

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