Re­vealed! How to fish Steve Ringer’s new Method feeder clip.

Steve re­veals a new de­vice that’s trans­formed his feeder fish­ing

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SOME of the best ideas in fish­ing are of­ten the sim­plest, and the new Method feeder clip I’ve been us­ing re­cently cer­tainly falls into that cat­e­gory.

This bril­liant lit­tle de­vice trans­forms your nor­mal Method feeder into one that al­lows you to fish popped-up baits on it.

Pop-ups are very ef­fec­tive on the feeder, but I’ve never felt they were be­ing pre­sented prop­erly. The big­gest is­sue I al­ways had was keep­ing the hook­bait in amid the loose of­fer­ings. It al­ways tended to move away, due to both the stiff­ness of the hook­length and the fact that it was at­tached to the base of the feeder.

The an­swer was, of course, to at­tach the hook­bait to the mid­dle of the feeder to keep it in right among the loose of­fer­ings. En­ter the Method feeder clip.


The Method clip comes in two sizes, small and large, and is de­signed to fit the two sizes of Guru Method feed­ers I like to use.

It’s easy to at­tach, and ba­si­cally sits on top of the bait plat­form in the mid­dle of the feeder.

The clip has a rub­ber slot in the mid­dle. This grips the hook­length safely, and once a fish sucks in the hook­bait it feels the bolt ef­fect a lot quicker. That means the chances of a fish get­ting away with it are vastly re­duced.

Once the fish is hooked, the line is pulled free from the clip and you are then free to play the fish in the nor­mal man­ner.

The beauty of the clip is that it’s so easy to vary the length of your hook­length to suit the con­di­tions while main­tain­ing per­fect bait pre­sen­ta­tion at all times.


I still use a 4ins hook­length as would nor­mally be the case when fish­ing the Method, but by vary­ing where I put the line in the clip I can, in ef­fect, fish with as long or short a hook­length as I want, de­pend­ing on how the fish are feed­ing on the day.

Take to­day, for ex­am­ple. I’m look­ing to catch mainly carp from 3lb to well into dou­ble fig­ures, so I am us­ing a 4ins hook­length of 0.19mm N-Gauge to a size 12 QM1 hook.

Af­ter a lot of ex­per­i­ment­ing with fish­ing a pop-up, I like to start off a ses­sion with the hook­bait pop­ping up around 2ins from the feeder.

Once the feed breaks down in the wa­ter the hook­bait is left just clear of the loose of­fer­ings and is there­fore the first thing a fish will see as it ap­proaches the feeder.

As a re­sult, your chances of a bite are mas­sively in­creased.

A lit­tle tip when us­ing the clip is to fish with a rel­a­tively short hair. If the hair is too long there is a chance the fish will feel some re­sis­tance be­fore the hook is ac­tu­ally in its mouth.

With a short hair, al­low­ing the bait to sit just off the back of the bend, this can’t hap­pen. Long hairs, in my opin­ion, are not suited to short hooklengths.


With­out doubt the most pop­u­lar hook­baits when us­ing the clip are pop-up boilies in ei­ther 8mm or 10mm sizes.

I carry a tub of the Ringers All­sorts pop-ups as th­ese give me a range of colours as well as sizes.

On the sub­ject of colours, with­out doubt my favourite has to be or­ange in ei­ther 8mm or 10mm.

I don’t know why but it just seems to be the most con­sis­tent per­former. That said, if you aren’t catch­ing it can be well worth ex­per­i­ment­ing with other colours, as it’s some­thing that can make a mas­sive dif­fer­ence.

While the Method clip is at its best when used with pop-ups, that isn’t to say it won’t work with bot­tom baits, be­cause it does.

For in­stance, if you have a lot of fish feed­ing around the feeder and a 4ins hook­length seems too long, by us­ing the clip you can keep your hook­bait closer to the feeder.

This in turn in­creases the bolt ef­fect once a fish has sucked the bait in, due to the shorter than usual length of the hook­length.

I can see the Method clip work­ing a treat for crafty F1s, too. Th­ese fish are masters of get­ting away with it, but with a short hook­length they will be hooked be­fore they know what’s hap­pened.

So if you fish a venue where you feel fish are pick­ing up you hook­bait but not get­ting nailed, then the Method clip is well worth a try this week­end.

Who knows? It could change the way you fish for­ever.

The pop-up Method is very ef­fec­tive.

All­sorts pop-ups come in var­i­ous colours and sizes.

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