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I’m con­fused by all the var­i­ous sizes

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HOW many shot do I need to make my pole floats set­tle?

James Milton, Lin­coln

SHOT­TING your pole floats cor­rectly is vi­tal, but get­ting the tip down to a pim­ple with­out sink­ing it can some­times prove prob­lem­atic.

We are all fa­mil­iar with pole floats sizes such as 4x12 but what that ac­tu­ally equates to in ac­tual shot of­ten causes con­fu­sion.

Where to place your shot on the rig can also tax your pa­tience. As a rule of thumb, shot should be strung out at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals if you want to slow the fall of your hook­bait down to catch fish at all depths.

If you want to get bites on the bot­tom, a bulk shot should be set around 2ft up from the hook, with a num­ber of small drop­per shot be­low to slow the fall of the hook­bait when it comes close to the fish.

The ta­bles (right) pro­vide a solid guide as to what shot to place on the line when work­ing with floats of var­i­ous sizes.

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