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ALOT of an­glers can spend a lot of time choos­ing a rig based on the fea­tures and con­di­tions they have in front of them.

They will put in the hours hon­ing their rigs and baits to achieve the best pos­si­ble pre­sen­ta­tions.

How­ever, I of­ten spot a sim­ple er­ror when us­ing swivel leads. For­tu­nately it can be eas­ily fixed and makes the rig much more ef­fec­tive.

A short 12mm length of 3mm sil­i­cone slipped over the swivel en­sures that the swivel can still do its job, but al­most to­tally elim­i­nates lat­eral move­ment.

This en­sures that when the fish picks up your hook­bait it will feel the point of the hook much quicker.

When fish­ing for pres­surised, wary carp, lit­tle edges like this will help you bag you more fish.

Lit­tle tweaks can make a huge dif­fer­ence.


Slipped over the swivel, this al­most to­tally elim­i­nates lat­eral move­ment, lead­ing to more hook-ups.


With the sleeve in place on the lead of the swivel the fish feels the hook­point that bit quicker and the rig’s bolt ef­fect comes into full play.

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