The Coach Eng­land ace Des Shipp on adapt­ing your ap­proach for au­tumn

THIS WEEK: Boost your catches on com­mer­cials

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FEEL that chill in the air when you woke up this morn­ing? That’s au­tumn and it’s al­most here, and it means you need to put a lit­tle thought into how you go about fish­ing a com­mer­cial.

Top match­men are al­ways one step ahead in this re­spect, and Des Shipp can be firmly counted among them.

Here are his coach­ing tips to keep you catch­ing on your lo­cal stillwater…


CARP feed shal­low for longer than they do in mid­sum­mer right now. Colder tem­per­a­tures chill deep wa­ter but when the sun is out and things warm up, the up­per lay­ers are the first to ben­e­fit and so the carp head away from the bot­tom.


FISH­ING for skim­mers, roach and bream with worms and cast­ers plays a big part in my com­mer­cial fish­ing but I al­ways feed some meat 1m past my sil­vers swim with an eye to catch­ing later in the day.


IF I were fish­ing a stan­dard long pole pel­let line on the deck for carp and F1s then I would feed with a lit­tle pot and ping pel­lets over the top with a cat­a­pult with a view to fish­ing shal­low later in the ses­sion.


RIGHT now I want a hard lakebed rather than silt, which won’t pro­duce fizzing as the fish root through the de­bris. When this hap­pens it’s al­most im­pos­si­ble to catch con­sis­tently, so spend time with a plum­met to find a hard spot to fish over.


TRY some­thing other than pel­lets at the end of sum­mer. Dou­ble 6mm or 8mm meat cubes are great for proper carp in the mar­gins. The only other hook­baits on my bait tray are worms, fish­ing a whole one in the edge when feed­ing cast­ers and meat.


FROM late Septem­ber to early Oc­to­ber the mar­gins will still pro­duce on a well-stocked fishery.

Stay away from feed­ing with big pots of bait though. In­stead, feed just a few bits of meat or corn by hand when not fish­ing the edge, and then switch to a small pole pot when you con­cen­trate your ef­forts there.


MY LINES, once 0.20mm straight through, now in­cor­po­rate a hook­length of 0.17mm. Hooks will also be smaller, with size 16s be­ing used more and more. Sil­ver­fish rigs still need to give you the chance of land­ing a carp, but bal­anced gear of 0.13mm main­line and 0.11mm hook­lengths will let you do this.

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