Q&A How do I tie a roach feeder rig?

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Along with mag­gots, it can be worth­while adding other good­ies such as a sprin­kling of hemp, cast­ers or even mi­cro pel­lets if the roach are turned on to fish­meal. A smat­ter­ing of ground­bait can also add some cloud­ing ef­fect in clear wa­ter.


The rig works by hav­ing the roach pull against a block­end feeder to help hook it, so there’s no point us­ing too small a weight. Use a feeder that is easy to fill and casts well but packs a hefty amount of lead to aid the hook­ing process. You’ll need feed­ers car­ry­ing up to 50g in weight.


Mag­gots! It’s worth try­ing to find out what colour other an­glers catch on be­fore mak­ing your choice, but a se­lec­tion of colours and con­stant ex­per­i­men­ta­tion is the key. As a change, cast­ers are handy and on wa­ters where the rig might be out in the swim for a long time and small fish are a prob­lem, fake mag­gots and cast­ers are a god­send.


A long hook­length rather de­feats the point of fish­ing with a bolt rig, as you want a fish pick­ing the bait up to have the short­est length to pull be­fore it feels the feeder, sim­i­lar to how the Method feeder works for carp.

You may find dur­ing a ses­sion that you get knocks on the in­di­ca­tor but no fish, and that could mean the tail needs short­en­ing.


Known as a he­li­copter rig be­cause of the way the hook­length can ro­tate 360 de­grees off the main­line, a clas­sic roach mag­got feeder bolt rig is easy to tie. It con­sists of the hook­length be­ing trapped by two stops some 5ins-6ins above the feeder. A swivel is tied into the top of the link to re­duce tan­gles and al­low this ro­tor­ing mo­tion, and by us­ing float stops the dis­tance the link is placed away from the feeder can be al­tered through­out the day.

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