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My two guests play bar­bel at the same time – proper storm­ing Sev­ern sport...

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YET an­other busy week for me and a bit of a scary mo­ment when out fish­ing in a thun­der­storm a few days ago. More of that later…


Tried out a new stretch of the Sev­ern for bar­bel and chub. It’s not noted for spec­i­mens but it’s a nice-look­ing venue with plenty of fish. My mate Ray Cut­ler and I were say­ing ear­lier in the year that we will have to spend more ses­sions just catch­ing fish rather than sit­ting it out for a big one.

Don’t get me wrong, no-one likes catch­ing big fish more than I do, but one cast a day and one fish a month can make fish­ing pretty bor­ing. Days out with plenty of ac­tion can recharge the bat­ter­ies!

To­day we en­joyed plenty of takes from chub to 4lb and bar­bel to 8lb – noth­ing huge, but great fun, and there’s noth­ing wrong with that! We fed balls of soaked Nash Krill pel­lets with loosefed boilies over the top.

By the end of the ses­sion every bar­bel we caught was pass­ing liq­uid boilies from their vent – just couldn’t get enough of them, and that was on a stretch where they had never seen the bait be­fore.

For some rea­son an­glers think you have to pre­bait with boilies be­fore fish will eat them. Noth­ing could be fur­ther from the truth. All species love them in­stantly.

We walked away from the wa­ter in a great mood and arms aching from bar­bel bat­tles!


Took Dean and Matt on a guide day and we en­joyed an­other ‘dou­ble hit’, one an­gler play­ing a fish while the other rod bent over to an­other bar­bel. It’s great to see the faces of an­glers who want to catch a bar­bel for the first time and, here they were, play­ing fish si­mul­ta­ne­ously. The river is on fire at the mo­ment and don’t let any­one tell you dif­fer­ent.


More of the same with three an­glers, one from Devon, a Brum­mie and a Cheshire lad, all feel­ing the power of bar­bel on the Sev­ern. More river con­verts, that’s for sure!


Off to to sunny Pat­ting­ham, just out­side Wolver­hamp­ton, to meet up with Steve Green­way and Paul Richards who each year run a fish­ing match on Steve’s pool to raise money for the fight against can­cer.

It was a proper fam­ily event with mums, dads and chil­dren fish­ing in teams against each other.

Steve and Paul. along with their army of helpers, have put a lot of ef­fort into this, and I was only too will­ing to help in a small way by pre­sent­ing the prizes at the end of the day back at the so­cial club in the vil­lage.

My wife Mag­gie came along with me and we both had a great day on the pool and in the so­cial club, hav­ing a pint and a chip butty!

It was good to see an­gling be­ing used as a ve­hi­cle to help raise money for can­cer.

To all con­cerned, give your­self a pat on the back – you’ve earned it!


Back on the river for a few bites and a bend in my rod with chub to over 5lb and bar­bel to 9lb-plus. I even caught a 1lb roach on a boilie!

I have a few big-fish trips booked for next month on both rivers and still­wa­ters when my guide days slow down, so I am en­joy­ing hav­ing my string pulled in prepa­ra­tion for a few slow days when one take is a re­sult.

But cast­ing a lot, feed­ing plenty and play­ing fish keep your skills in trim for the day you have the chance of fish­ing for a mon­ster!

Again I caught on a boilie but for some rea­son the fish were a bit cagey, so I fished two small 10mm boilies on a long hair in­stead of a sin­gle larger one – and it worked!

The chub I landed were chok­ing up mashed boilies and the bar­bel

were again pass­ing them from their vents. When the fish are eat­ing qual­ity bait like this they will grow big. Cer­tainly I have no­ticed on swims I fish reg­u­larly that the fish are quickly putting on weight. In­stead of top­ping out at mid-fives, chub are now go­ing over 6lb and lots of the old 9lb bar­bel are now go­ing over 10lb – a good thing for Sev­ern an­glers !


Took Paul New­man, his son Ryan and his mate Chris Cole on the Sev­ern af­ter bar­bel and chub. They bagged up, which was ex­actly what I ex­pected as the river had a lit­tle colour and was drop­ping af­ter an in­jec­tion of fresh rain from Wales.

Ryan caught a 6lb chub – my sec­ond this year on guide days and a spe­cial fish for the Sev­ern, that’s for sure! There are a few swims on a few rivers that pro­duce mon­ster 7lb and 8lb chub but for the rest of the coun­try a 4lb chub is a spec­i­men fish and a 6lb chub is what dreams are made of!

The ses­sion fin­ished a lit­tle short of time when we had a mas­sive thun­der­storm with light­ing that was too close for com­fort. We were bar­bel fish­ing with car­bon rods stuck up in the air, so we de­cided to leave the wa­ter quickly!

All three of them stayed overnight in Bewd­ley and we met at a river­side pub that evening, talk­ing about our day and sup­ping good ale. The sun was hot, the ale flowed and the com­pany was good!

Dou­ble-take time again for Dean and Matt.

Sun­day, and a great fam­ily day rais­ing money for can­cer char­i­ties.

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