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BLUN­DELL’S FISHERY ROVER (SAT) Oak & Trio Pools (31 pegs)

At peg 1 on Trio Pool, Scott Roberts led with 133-1-0 of carp to 4lb and F1s on caster shal­low at 9m. Ben Har­ri­son, from Trio peg 37, fished pel­let in both mar­gins for 113-8-0 of carp and F1s.

Re­sult: 1 S Roberts, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 133-1-0; 2 B Har­ri­son, Wi­gan, 113-8-0; 3 K Web­ster, Traf­ford Tackle, 91-12-0; 4 R Parker, War­ring­ton Guns & Tackle, 85-3-0; 5 C No­ble, Staly­bridge An­gling Sup­plies, 63-0-0; 6 P Ryan, Wool­ston Bri­tish Le­gion AC, 61-9-0.

MIR­FIELD AC (SAT) Aire & Calder Canal (35 pegs)

Maver man Sean Wright drew the road­side area and worked with mag­got over ground­bait at 13m to win with 12-6-0 of roach and small skim­mers. Mick Wood was sec­ond with 12-4-0 of roach and skim­mers on feeder and pole with mag­got.

Re­sult: 1 S Wright, Maver, 12-6-0; 2 M Wood, Pon­te­fract, 12-4-0; 3 I Bow­man, Dren­nan Barns­ley Blacks, 12-2-0; 4 A Beach, Wake­field, 10-8-0; 5 T Rim­mer, Wake­field, 9-10-0.

PAR­TRIDGE LAKES (SUN) Covey Canal Lakes (79 pegs)

In a full house, Lee Row­land piled 130-15-0 on to the scales from peg 105 on Canal 5 for the win. Caster shal­low at 7m down the mid­dle took a net of F1s to 2lb. Shaun Cooke used pel­let in the mar­gins and over to the far bank at peg 103 to take sec­ond with 98-4-0.

Re­sult: 1 L Row­land, Par­tridge Lakes, 130-15-0; 2 S Cooke, Ma­trix, 98-4-0; 3 C Dumphy, St He­lens An­gling, 93-4-0; 4 A Ben­nett, Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech, 90-7-0; 5 A Twist, Ma­trix Leigh Tackle & Bait, 88-13-0; 6 C Weeder Jnr, St He­lens An­gling, 87-0-0.

PAUL’S HAPPY LEAGUE (SUN) River Don, Sprot­brough (64 pegs)

On a dif­fi­cult river, Nor­man­ton’s Joe Mur­ray still weighed in 8-450 of roach, perch and skim­mers for an easy win off peg 85, where he caught on stick float and mag­got. Sec­ond-placed Craig Sin­gle­ton had 4-4-80 of roach and skim­mers from peg 93 on mag­got at 14m and 16m.

Re­sult: 1 J Mur­ray, Nor­man­ton, 8-450; 2 C Sin­gle­ton, Sen­sas North, 4-480; 3 R Schindler, Tri-Cast Calder, 4-030; 4 P Slack, Sen­sas North, 3-760; jt5 I Bow­man, Hull and M Bower, Brown­ing Os­sett, both 3-600.

A Di­vi­sion teams: 1 Sen­sas North, 48pts; 2 Hull, 44; 3 Daiwa Dons, 42. B Di­vi­sion teams: 1 Tri-Cast Calder, 33pts; jt2 Nor­man­ton and Sen­sas Wal­ton, both 31.

RIVER CALDER CHAMPS (SUN) River Calder, Mir­field (75 pegs)

The 2016 champ is Craig Tur­bitt. The Tackle 2U river reg­u­lar weighed in 13-11-0 of roach and perch from Calder Road on wag­gler and mag­got. Dar­ren Tay­lor got clos­est to him with 10-8-0 of roach and grayling on stick float and mag­got from his peg at Li­lands Farm.

Re­sult: 1 C Tur­bitt, Tackle 2U, 13-11-0; 2 D Tay­lor, Knares­bor­ough, 10-8-0; 3 S Clegg, Saints, 10-6-0; 4 B Clark, Barns­ley, 9-15-0; 5 N Chaf­fer, Mir­field Willy Worms, 9-10-0; 6 P McMil­lan, Ma­trix Hal­i­fax, 9-8-0.

ST HE­LENS AA (SAT) Carr Mill Dam (38 pegs)

Weights were down on re­cent weeks but St He­lens An­gling-backed Mick Birkhill took 23-4-0 of skim­mers and a few bream on ground­bait feeder and worm from peg 82. On the next peg Martin Orm­rod took sec­ond with 20-1-0 of skim­mers and bream on feeder and worm.

Re­sult: 1 M Birkhill, St He­lens An­gling, 23-4-0; 2 M Orm­rod, Bolton, 20-1-0; 3 B Thell­well, St He­lens, 19-14-0; 4 S Clegg, Saints, 19-8-0; 5 D Rigby, St He­lens, 17-1-0; 6 S Fletcher, St He­lens, 16-11-0.

STEVE EVANS ME­MO­RIAL FES­TI­VAL (SAT & SUN) River Swale, Scru­ton (36 pegs)

Northaller­ton match or­gan­iser Kevin Weighell took this two-day

event with five points to lift the sil­ver­ware, but he didn’t win ei­ther match. York rod Craig Robin­son took day one with 19-8-0 of chub on bomb and wasp grub. Dave Rob­son of Selby won Sun­day’s tus­sle with 19-2-0 of chub on bomb and caster.

Day one re­sult: 1 C Robin­son, York, 19-8-0; 2 M Moss­man, Washington, 13-14-0; 3 P Kozyra, York, 13-6-0; 4 P Adams, RSPS, 12-4-0.

Day two re­sult: 1 D Rob­son, Selby, 19-2-0; 2 N Smith, Aire­bor­ough, 16-15-0; 3 M Prud­hoe, Washington, 16-8-0; 4 K Weighell, DH An­gling, 14-3-0.

Over­all re­sult: 1 K Weighell, DH An­gling 5pts; 2 N Smith, Aire­bor­ough, 6 (weight); 3 A Scaife, Park­lands, 6; 4 M Moss­man, Washington, 8 (weight); 5 J Hard­cas­tle, Northaller­ton, 8.

STU­ART CAMP­BELL ME­MO­RIAL (SAT) Calder & Heb­ble Canal, Dews­bury (45 pegs)

Roach, dace and chublets won this for Steve Cross­ley. The Maver NW man was drawn on peg 85 and fished mag­got on the 8m and 14m pole lines for 8-9-0 at the scales. Roach, skim­mers and a bonus 1lb 8oz tench saw War­ren McLeavey into sec­ond with 5-14-0 off peg 40, where he caught on caster fished at 8m and 14m.

Re­sult: 1 S Cross­ley, Maver NW, 8-9-0; 2 W McLeavey, Tri-Cast Calder, 5-14-0; 3 C Roberts, Ma­trix Hal­i­fax, 5-10-8; 4 S Wain, Maver NW, 5-7-0; 5 C Storey, Ma­trix Hal­i­fax, 5-6-0; 6 J Ver­bruggen, Maver NW, 5-5-8.

WI­GAN DAA (SAT) Leeds-Liver­pool Canal, Burscough Slip­way (30 pegs)

Draw­ing on the short length, Lancs MG man Mark Rim­mer found skim­mers to 10oz, plus roach, for 6-6-4 on bread­punch at 11m. Match or­gan­iser Shaun Whar­ton fol­lowed in sec­ond with 6-4-0 of roach on punch and hemp.

Re­sult: 1 M Rim­mer, Lancs MG, 6-6-4; 2 S Whar­ton, Wi­gan An­gling Cen­tre, 6-4-0; 3 D Fairhurst, Gid­low An­gling, 5-9-0; 4 D Martin, Wi­gan MG, 5-6-8; 5 D Ben­son, Chor­ley, 4-14-12; 6 K Blur­ton, Maver NW, 4-11-4.

WI­GAN MG AU­TUMN TEAMS OF FOUR (SUN) Leeds-Liver­pool Canal, Heaton’s Bridge (64 pegs)

Wi­gan MG Green opened their cam­paign in win­ning fash­ion as they to­talled five points to get four in front of Sen­sas NW Black. They also had the in­di­vid­ual win­ner in Matt Glover. He was pegged on the end of the Red Lion sec­tion, where hemp at 13m gave him roach backed up by two eels for 3lb on worm fished down the track for 10-6-8. Chris Bir­chall took sec­ond with 8-8-0.

Re­sult: 1 M Glover, Wi­gan MG Green, 10-6-8; 2 C Bir­chall, Wi­gan MG Green, 8-8-0; 3 R Yates, Ted Carter Pre­ston Blue, 7-12-0; 4 W Kear­ney, Tri-Cast Rochdale Red, 7-8-15; 5 D Den­ton, Ted Carter Pre­ston White, 7-3-2.

Teams: 1 Wi­gan MG Green, 5pts; 2 Sen­sas NW Black, 9; 3 Ted Carter Pre­ston Blue, 10; 4 Wi­gan MG Blue, 12; 5 Tri-Cast Rochdale Red, 14.

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