What can I do when a fish snags me up in branches?

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WHAT’S the best thing to do when a big fish swims into an over­hang­ing tree and snags you up?

Keith Gill, via email

WHEN a fish snags you, sev­eral op­tions are open to you. The first is to wind down and, pro­vided you are us­ing strong enough tackle, pull hard to see if force will get the fish out.

If not, the next thing to do is to change the an­gle you are pulling from. This might mean walk­ing above or be­low the snag and pulling another way. If this fails, it’s worth slack­en­ing off the line and giv­ing the fish time to find its way out of its own ac­cord – that could take a good 20 min­utes to hap­pen!

If you have no joy with any of the above, the only other op­tion is to pull for a break. The rig may fly back to­wards you at high speed, so take care. Tighten up and point the rod at the snag, grab the line be­low the rod tip and pull hard to break the line.

Wrap a towel around your hands for pro­tec­tion in case the rig hits you or, bet­ter still, bring the line around some­thing like a bank­stick pushed into the ground, stand to one side and pull. There’s then no chance of the rig caus­ing you da­m­age.

It’s not al­ways nec­es­sary to pull for a break.

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