Angling Times (UK) - - UNDERWATER SPECIAL -

Carp are in­cred­i­bly good at de­tect­ing changes in water tem­per­a­ture, in fact un­til re­cently they were more sen­si­tive than many ther­mome­ters, able to de­tect changes of less than 0.1 de­grees!

Be­ing cold-blooded, it is im­por­tant for carp to be able to in­flu­ence their tem­per­a­ture by find­ing hot or cold spots. This is why they will of­ten come to the sur­face on hot days, be­cause the sun’s rays warm the up­per lay­ers more than deeper water. Silty ar­eas and swims with lots of weed can also warm up faster than open water, ex­plain­ing why you of­ten find fish in these ar­eas.

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