Angling Times (UK) - - UNDERWATER SPECIAL -

The lat­eral line that stretches from the head to the tail is packed with re­cep­tors that pick up on tiny changes in water pres­sure caused by cur­rents or vi­bra­tions. This is a bril­liant sense un­der­wa­ter, en­abling carp to de­tect oth­ers mov­ing close by as well as move­ment on the bank.

As a carp moves around it cre­ates vi­bra­tions that will bounce back off any ob­struc­tions in the water, such as snags and rocks.

The lat­eral line can de­tect these re­flected vi­bra­tions, en­abling the fish to build up a radar-like map of its sur­round­ings us­ing just these tiny changes in pres­sure.

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