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I have been bal­anc­ing my pop-ups su­per-crit­i­cally as this seems to be very pop­u­lar ad­vice, but since do­ing so, my re­sults have dropped off. What am I do­ing wrong?

To my mind, bal­anc­ing a A bait so that it barely sinks is to­tally counter pro­duc­tive for most carp fish­ing sit­u­a­tions. One of the most im­por­tant as­pects of any rig is that it must be easy for the carp to pick up the at­tached bait. While mak­ing the bait vir­tu­ally weight­less might seem to make it even eas­ier for the carp to pick up, this is not al­ways the case. When carp are feed­ing, they dis­place a con­sid­er­able vol­ume of water, and when they are oc­cu­pied with feed­ing in a small space (over a heav­ily or tightly baited spot), a finely bal­anced rig can waft about crazily, mak­ing it hard for a big, bulky fish to even get it into its mouth in the first place. So many times I have watched carp try to take a floater from the sur­face - a static bait that is di­rectly above it, yet still they of­ten sim­ply miss.

This is be­cause the carp has a blind spot right in front of the nose and even tak­ing some­thing that is not mov­ing can be tricky.

If you were aim­ing to bait with just boilies, over a big area where the fish is mov­ing from bait to bait and each boilie might be some dis­tance apart, then bal­anc­ing can work to catch the

fish off guard – and of course it is use­ful in en­sur­ing that it comes to rest and set­tle over any low-ly­ing weed or de­bris.

How­ever, for more con­cen­trated baited ar­eas I re­ally think a su­per­bal­anced bait can work against you.

My pref­er­ence is to weight the hook­bait so that it sinks just slightly more slowly than a nor­mal bait. This is how I have done it for a very long time and it seems to work well!

in front Carp have a blind spot al­ways of the nose and don’t time. get sur­face baits first

Carp can find it hard to take re­ally finely bal­anced pop-ups.

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