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1 Plumb up so that your rig is sat at dead depth. This will make sure your paste hook­bait cocks the float prop­erly with­out drag­ging it un­der.

2 Change the size of your paste hook­bait slightly from time to time in or­der to pick out fish that have be­come wary of the same old tricks.

3 Don’t be afraid to use a big hook on venues where it is per­mit­ted. Colin will hap­pily use a size 12 hook and a much big­ger piece of paste to help pick out big­ger fish.

4 Use an elas­tic that al­lows you to get fish in quickly while also be­ing quite for­giv­ing. Red Daiwa Hy­dro­las­tic is a good choice when big weights are on the cards. 5 Mix up a big batch of paste in a bowl at the start of the ses­sion and then flat­ten it off. This will make sure it re­tains the mois­ture and doesn’t dry out quickly.

Add ex­tra ground­bait to stiffen paste if it ends up too sloppy.

Pel­let Wag­gler hooks are ideal.

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