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I’ve re­cently been fish­ing the very pop­u­lar day ticket lakes around Ox­ford­shire, and be­lieve me th­ese lakes are pres­sured. Some­times it can be im­pos­si­ble to get a swim to fish in, and al­most ev­ery time you ar­rive it can just be a case of fit­ting in where there is a space or as I’ve wit­nessed a lot lately wait­ing for an an­gler to leave when he’s fin­ished his ses­sion in or­der to get one of the proven pegs on the lake. Now the fish in th­ese lakes have seen it all and as an­glers we adapt our ap­proaches by fish­ing with slack lines as not to spook the fish by let­ting them swim into it. With min­i­mum bait­ing as not to cause to much dis­tur­bance to the swim whilst putting it in. So why do we not have a prob­lem with re­peat­edly smash­ing a 4 ounce lead com­plete with marker float all over our swims drag­ging up the bot­tom as we go? And how many times have you cast one only to see the mas­sive bow waves from a res­i­dent cruis­ing mon­ster as the lead hits the wa­ter? And how many times have you just set­tled for just a clear spot as the wa­ter has been too weedy and your fed up with the marker float be­ing chocked up with weed ev­ery cast? Now the Deeper smart sonar to me is revo­lu­tion­ary. It for me has been a mas­sive breath of fresh air and it’s so sim­ple to use. It elim­i­nates all of the prob­lems I’ve just listed above, plus there’s a bathy­met­ric map­ping fea­ture which en­ables you to map out the whole lake which to me is in­valu­able as if you have to drop into any old peg then you will al­ready have the records of that swim and all its fea­tures al­ready stored on your phone, and the amount of swims and lake pro­files and in­for­ma­tion you can store on your ad­vice is un­lim­ited. On one such oc­ca­sion all of this came to fruition as I ar­rived at my cho­sen gravel pit to fish for tench only to see the swims I had been hav­ing plenty of suc­cess in were all taken and even worse the only 2 pegs that were avail­able I re­ally didn’t fancy as I’d fished th­ese be­fore sev­eral times with some pretty ter­ri­ble re­sults. Not one to be beaten I de­cided to move my gear to one of th­ese spots as it had been quite a jour­ney and I was de­ter­mined to catch a few tench, out came my mo­bile phone as I had pre­vi­ously scanned the area a few weeks pre­vi­ous and I checked out us­ing the his­tory func­tion in the app. The swim was in­cred­i­bly weedy and depth wise all over the place but show­ing on my screen was a clear spot about 60 yards out and it was just off the back of a bar so this seemed an ideal spot. I re­cast Deeper sonar to see if any­thing had changed un­der wa­ter within the pre­vi­ous 2 weeks since I last looked and ev­ery­thing apart from a small bit of weed growth seemed the same. I baited the spot lightly with hemp, caster and a few amino pel­lets and let the swim rest for a few hours and to have a well-earned cup of tea. Whilst drink­ing my tea I ac­tu­ally saw 2 tench roll over my baited area so it was start­ing to look very promis­ing. I even­tu­ally cast my rods in fol­lowed by another trickle of loose feed and the ac­tion was al­most in­stant, and the bites just kept com­ing as I ended up with a to­tal of 11 tench, 3 small carp and 2 rather nice bream, so as you can imag­ine I was ec­static with the re­sults and the fact I had de­cided to per­sist with my un­fan­cied and rather weedy swim choice made me feel very ac­com­plished and I be­lieve fish were al­ready in the area be­fore I ar­rived and I was glad of Deeper and the fact I never risked spook­ing th­ese fish.

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