Stay pos­i­tive and win on paste in au­tumn

Big weights prove it’s still good

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THE leaves on the trees have an orange tinge and the morn­ing tem­per­a­tures will leave a chill down your spine – but those au­tum­nal signs don’t mean you need to aban­don your pos­i­tive ap­proach.

Once the cal­en­dar leafs over to Oc­to­ber, an­glers al­most feel obliged to scale down their rigs and feed­ing. One record­break­ing match­man, though, be­lieves it’s def­i­nitely not yet time to take that neg­a­tive step.

GOT Baits-backed Colin Spencer has racked up nu­mer­ous big weights this year, and his run of suc­cess is show­ing no signs of let­ting up.

While many of his com­peti­tors have over­hauled their tac­tics, he con­tin­ues to work with what has been tried and tested in the heat of sum­mer.

“I love paste fish­ing, and while it has served me so well through­out the warm months it is just as deadly at this time of year,” ex­plained Colin.


Dur­ing his win­ning streak, Colin has taken nu­mer­ous huge hauls to over 400lb and in­sists that when num­bers of fish come into the swim it is vi­tal that you are able to spot a gen­uine bite.

“One of the most frus­trat­ing el­e­ments of paste fish­ing is try­ing to work out what a bite is. The float will bob around con­stantly when there are carp around the hook­bait, but you are look­ing for it to dip quickly,” he said.

“Prac­tice will help give you a feel of when to strike, and if you are strug­gling at the start of a match it’s best to per­se­vere. You’ll soon get the hang of when the fish has swal­lowed your paste.”

Colin uses a rig that has no shot down the line, with the weight of the paste alone cock­ing the float. A fairly slim­line float works best, a 0.2g ver­sion threaded on to 0.17mm main­line straight through to a size 16 Guru Pel­let Wag­gler hook.

“A few fish­eries I visit limit the size of hook you can use and I have found this pat­tern keeps the paste on for longer,” he said.

“It’s im­por­tant to use a piece of paste that com­ple­ments the hook. Use a bait that is too big and you’ll keep miss­ing bites.”


At the start of the ses­sion Colin adds four pints of wa­ter to one bag of Dy­na­mite Baits Green

Swim Stim ground­bait.

This in­stantly makes a sloppy mess, but by mix­ing it vig­or­ously with his hands it soon thick­ens up to make the per­fect paste hook­bait.

“I will start the match us­ing this con­sis­tency of paste but it is im­por­tant you are ver­sa­tile and can make quick changes,” he said.

“If you are be­ing plagued by small fish or are hav­ing to wait a while for bites it’s best to get a bait box and add some of your paste mix to it be­fore adding a lit­tle more ground­bait to stiffen a small batch up.

“If the fish are com­ing thick and fast then you can do the op­po­site and add more wa­ter to the batch to make it slightly slop­pier. Th­ese small changes make all the dif­fer­ence when paste fish­ing and are the key to win­ning, rather than just catch­ing a few carp.”


Jan­son’s Fish­ery in Notts is one of Colin’s favourite haunts, and hav­ing smashed nu­mer­ous match records at the com­plex this year, he thinks the feed­ing is just as im­por­tant as the hook­bait.

“There are lots of fish in venues like Jan­son’s. If you lash the bait in you will draw big shoals in but they’ll get over-ex­cited and you’ll be dogged by foul-hook­ers and line bites,” Colin said.

“I place a small amount of corn and pel­let in a pole cup, place my paste hook­bait on top and cup it all into my tar­get zone.

“This makes sure my hook­bait is right on top of the loose­feed, so the carp can take in the lot in one mouth­ful.”

This process is re­peated after each fish, although Colin will cut out the loose­feed if he has a run of foul-hook­ers in or­der to force

the fish into tak­ing his paste hook­bait.

Trial and er­ror is also im­por­tant with loose­feed.On some days corn will draw in the big­ger fish, while on oth­ers more pel­lets will be ef­fec­tive.

“Paste fish­ing is much more than a tac­tic for the heat of sum­mer. You’ll keep the match wins com­ing if you rely on the ap­proach this au­tumn,” con­cluded Colin.

Colin has had 400lb-plus hauls from Jan­son’s.

Corn and pel­let feed is topped by paste.

Vary the paste’s con­sis­tency dur­ing your ses­sion.

A fine bag of carp from Jan­son’s Fish­ery.

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