Dave Har­rell re­veals the tricks to catch­ing more sil­vers from deeper rivers

Try my Bolo ap­proaches this au­tumn for big­ger sil­ver­fish catches…


MANY an­glers seem to strug­gle when they are faced with tack­ling deep river swims.

The main rea­son, in my opin­ion, is not hav­ing the right gear to cope with depths, so this week we’re look­ing at the gear you should use for swims where you find 8ft to 15ft of wa­ter in front of you.

The per­fect length rod for a given depth is one that’s about three feet longer than the depth of the wa­ter – so, to give an ex­am­ple, for an 11ft deep swim, a 14ft rod is just per­fect.

For 12ft of depth a 15ft rod is the choice, and for depths over this I use a 17ft take-apart or a 20ft tele­scopic model.

Which­ever rod you choose, you need to take into ac­count what species and size of fish you are tar­get­ing on the day.

If you’re in a sit­u­a­tion where you want to swing in de­cent-sized fish an ul­tra-soft tip sec­tion might not be right, so al­ways try to match the ac­tion of the rod to the fish you’re catch­ing.

Once you’ve got the right length rod, you need to con­sider which floats and sizes to use, and what main­lines to team them with. You might be tar­get­ing roach in some swims, chub and bar­bel in oth­ers.

I cur­rently use four dif­fer­ent Bolo float pat­terns for fish­ing well out in the river, and an Avon de­sign for close-in work…


DAVE Har­rell is recog­nised as one of the coun­try’s best-ever river an­glers. He has fished for Eng­land at World and Euro­pean level and now runs his own tackle com­pany. For more in­for­ma­tion go to: www.dav­e­har­rel­lan­gling.com


IT’S a good idea to store Bolo and Avon rigs on winders. It will save you a lot of time on the bank. I make mine up on 6ft of line with a loop in the end. This is joined to the main­line loop-to-loop, only the loops are big­ger than on hook­lengths.

Once the loops are joined, care­fully slide the float up the line so that the loops end up un­der­neath the float.

The float is now on the main­line with no chance of get­ting snagged in the eyes on the rod.

A crack­ing roach to the Bolo from a deep river swim.

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