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1 Push the hook into the open­ing with the gape fac­ing away from the small post.

2 Now push the big lever into its up­wards po­si­tion, us­ing your thumb.

3 Take the tight line (it must be un­der ten­sion) and run it un­der the big lever like this.

4 Bring the line around back to the hook and start to make full turns around the shank.

5 Make seven neat turns, no fewer than this. You can do more, but it adds ex­tra weight.

6 Keep­ing ev­ery­thing tight, now take the end of the line around the post, like so.

7 Push the big lever over the lit­tle lever and trap it in place. Pull tight from the spool end.

8 Gen­tly pull the line tight. The knot comes over the levers and en­gages around the shank.

9 Wet the knot with saliva. Make sure the line goes be­neath the spade as shown.

10 Cut off a small tag, to give a bit of ex­tra se­cu­rity in case the knot isn’t prop­erly tight­ened.

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