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THE ac­tual length you make a hook­length after ty­ing a hook is cru­cial. Some­times you’ll need a very short hook­length for a bolt ef­fect, such as when tuck­ing a hook­bait into an in­line type of feeder.

You’ll need fairly short hook­lengths on the pole too, so you can place bulk or drop­per shots on top of the hook­length con­nec­tion as a close in­di­ca­tor.

Longer hook­lengths come into play when you want to keep the bait away from the bomb or feeder and to give the hook­bait a slower fall, for ex­am­ple when fish­ing an open end feeder. 3ins long: Method and pel­let feeder for F1s 4ins long: Method and pel­let feeder for carp 6ins long: Pole fish­ing 12ins long: Bomb fish­ing for carp, wag­gler fish­ing 20ins to 30ins long: Open end feeder fish­ing

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