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ANY mi­cro or small pel­lets can be used with the cone as long as they bind to­gether well enough to hold-up to the cast. The best way of achiev­ing this with fish­ery pel­lets is to add

Add a tea­spoon­ful of yeast ex­tract to a pint of lake water. This clas­sic ad­di­tive com­ple­ments pel­lets well and gives them a savoury flavour.

Squirt the pel­lets with some red dye. Shake well and leave them to one side for five min­utes so that the pel­lets ab­sorb the dye.

You can also add other pow­dered ad­di­tives, such as squid or krill pow­der, to boost the at­trac­tion of your pel­lets even fur­ther.

a small amount of ground­bait to the damp pel­lets. I also like to colour them at the same time, just to make them a lit­tle dif­fer­ent to the baits that the fish have seen all sum­mer.

Add a cou­ple of handfuls of mi­cro pel­lets to a large ground­bait bowl and slowly add the water, be­ing sure to keep the pel­lets well mixed.

Add half a hand­ful of fish­meal­based ground­bait to the damp pel­lets. This should be just enough to give them a light cov­er­ing when mixed well.

The pel­lets should now stick to­gether eas­ily when com­pressed, but still break down within a minute of the rig be­ing cast.

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