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SO WHERE do you start? Well, for me it has to be tight across to the far bank.

There is one main rea­son for this – it’s the fur­thest point away from you and the dis­tur­bance of set­ting up and putting keep­nets in will nat­u­rally push fish there.

So of course it makes sense to tar­get the fish at the start ex­actly where they are likely to be. In terms of what to look for on the far bank, once it goes cold there are two things that I like to see and find. First, the depth – in sum­mer I’d be look­ing to find shal­low water to fish in but now the water is cold and clear I am look­ing for 18ins as a min­i­mum and will be happy fish­ing in up to 3ft of water.

The sec­ond fea­ture I look for is cover. Rushes, over­hang­ing trees and un­der­cut banks will all hold carp in the cold, so if I can see any of the above I will aim to fish up to them.

Don’t be afraid to search up and down once you have caught a few fish. Carp don’t tend to move far once they’ve been spooked, so dob­bing a piece of bread up and down the far bank when bites fade can be a great way of get­ting back into con­tact with them.

Dob­bing a piece of bread across to the far bank can help you re­lo­cate carp.

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