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IF I drew this peg in a match my banker would be the aer­a­tor.

These of­fer cover, and if they have been used dur­ing the sum­mer, chances are the bot­tom will have been scoured out be­low to cre­ate a deeper hole for the carp to sit in.

How­ever, even though I know there will be carp un­der the aer­a­tor I won’t ever start there. I’ll spend the first hour catch­ing what I can else­where be­fore mak­ing the switch. Any carp hid­ing un­der the aer­a­tor aren’t likely to move un­til I start fish­ing for them. When I do, I dob a piece of corn or bread just to see what I can catch. When I have worked out how many fish are down there I’ll feed a very small amount of bait tight to the cover to gauge the re­sponse.

Once I start feed­ing I will do so us­ing a small Kinder pot, drip­ping in four to six grains of corn and a few pel­lets and then sit­ting and wait­ing for re­sults.

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