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IN THE sum­mer months you could prob­a­bly catch a big bag of sil­ver­fish by fish­ing in the top cou­ple of feet of water and loose­feed­ing, or by fish­ing a top-three kit in the edge.

It’s a lit­tle dif­fer­ent in au­tumn, as the water cools and the colour drops out of it. I like to con­cen­trate my ef­forts a lit­tle fur­ther out if there is a sen­si­ble depth, and hedge my bets in terms of where in the water col­umn I’m go­ing to catch the fish.

Typ­i­cally, I start by cup­ping in a few balls of ground­bait. With roach the tar­get I go for Van Den Eynde Su­per­crack Dark Roach, a nat­u­ral style mix tai­lored to redfins.

I also add a lit­tle bit of roach ad­di­tive and mix it around, just be­fore adding water. Into the ground­bait goes hemp, cast­ers and a few mag­gots, but not many or they’ll break the ball up too soon! Be­gin by fish­ing over the ground­bait on the bot­tom, loose­feed­ing cast­ers ev­ery chuck over the top.

If the fish are will­ing to come up to in­ter­cept the loose­feed, you’ll get bites on the drop and hold-ups on the float. If not, your loose­feed will draw more fish into the area and will set­tle on the bot­tom, where you’ll still catch equally as well.

A dark ground­bait with an ex­tra help­ing of roach ad­di­tive is Bob’s first choice.

Hemp and cast­ers are added to the ground­bait, as well as a few mag­gots.

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