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FOR pole work, my num­ber one float choice is my own de­sign DH12 in sizes from 2g to 6g. It’s a great float for slow­ing the hook­bait down and even stop­ping com­pletely in a slow flow.

Shot­ting for this rig is re­ally sim­ple. All I do is po­si­tion an olivette and tun­ing shot 35cm to 40cm from the hook and then just fish a ‘loose’ hook­length with no shot on it.

I make the rigs up on 6m-8m of 0.20mm rig line so that I can use them for long lin­ing on an elas­ti­cated whip or short lin­ing with a take-apart pole. Then it’s just a case of us­ing a hook­length to suit the hook type and size of the fish.

For run­ning line ap­proaches, I use one of my own DH No2 Bolo floats in sizes from 3g to 6g, shot­ted in ex­actly the same way as the pole rig. By slow­ing the rig down and inch­ing it through the swim you can cover a lot of wa­ter, and it’s a great ap­proach to try later in a ses­sion if the fish have backed off af­ter see­ing their mates cap­tured ear­lier.

My favourite hooks for big perch are Drennan Wide Gape or Car­bon Feeder.

DH12 for pole.

No2 Bolo for run­ning line.

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