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This fi­nal round saw Dren­nan Barns­ley Blacks crowned cham­pi­ons with ease. Sec­ond on the day be­hind Brown­ing Os­sett saw them fin­ish on eight points, six ahead of Os­sett. Top rod, Barns­ley’s Dave Brooks Ju­nior, found perch on chopped worm and mag­got fished at 11m and 6m for 5-6-0. Perch also formed the bulk of Mick Lodge’s 5-2-0 net taken on worm and mag­got.

Re­sult: 1 D Brooks Jnr, Dren­nan Barns­ley Blacks, 5-6-0; 2 M Lodge, Brown­ing Os­sett, 5-2-0; 3 N Crooks, Brown­ing Os­sett, 5-1-0; 4 M Wain­wright, Brown­ing Os­sett, 4-14-0.

Teams: 1 Brown­ing Os­sett, 13pts; 2 Dren­nan Barns­ley Blacks, 19; 3 Mosella Selby, 33 (sec­tion count­back); 4 Sen­sas North, 33.

Fi­nal league: 1 Dren­nan Barns­ley Blacks, 8pts; 2 Brown­ing Os­sett, 14; 3 Sen­sas North, 16; 4 Mosella Selby, 26.

ANGLING TRUST HERONBROOK FISH­ERIES WIN­TER LEAGUE (SUN) Canal, Bridge, Meadow & Match Pools (56 pegs)

Vic­tory for Maver Mid­lands saw them go two points clear of Dren­nan NW. Maver Gold took sec­ond on the day and had the best weight in Alex Hulme’s 126-6-0 from peg 19 on the Match Lake, where he found carp and F1s on mag­got at 14.5m. Ade Cat­tell was sec­ond on 112-14-0.

Re­sult: 1 A Hulme, Maver Gold, 126-6-0; 2 A Cat­tell, Brown­ing Life­style, 112-14-0; 3 D White, Maver Mid­lands, 94-15-0; 4 J My­att, Heronbrook, 90-9-0; 5 S Con­roy, Dren­nan NW, 88-4-0; 6 A King, Maver Gold, 46-14-0.

Teams: 1 Maver Mid­lands, 19pts; 2 Maver Gold, 22; 3 Dren­nan NW, 28; 4 Brown­ing Life­style, 29; 5 Kenny’s Boys, 37; 6 Heronbrook Gold, 38.

League: 1 Maver Mid­lands, 4pts; 2 Dren­nan NW, 6; 3 Maver Gold, 11; 4 Brown­ing Life­style, 14; 5 Kenny’s Boys, 14; 6 Heronbrook Red, 17.


There’s still all to play for in this league as just one point di­vides lead­ers Mosella Quaker from Maver NE and Colmic Wood­lands in joint sec­ond. The Maver men won the day with 58 points, led by Gra­ham Lowry, who took the match with 19-9-0 of dace and chub from peg 86 above Yarm town, where he fished stick float and wag­gler with mag­got. Jonny Mad­di­son, of Quaker, pole fished worm and mag­got from peg 182 to fin­ish sec­ond with 16-11-0 of roach, perch and dace.

Re­sult: 1 G Lowry, Maver NE, 19-9-0; 2 J Mad­di­son, Mosella Quaker, 16-11-0; 3 B Per­ci­val, Maver NE, 11-12-0; 4 P Steven­son, Yarm, 10-10-0; 5 J New­ton, Mosella Quaker, 10-5-0.

Teams: 1 Maver NE, 58pts; 2 Mosella Quaker, 54; 3 Dar­ling­ton Angling Cen­tre, 39; 4 Colmic Wood­lands, 38; 5 Cleve­land Angling Cen­tre, 33; 6 Yarm, 30.

League: 1 Mosella Quaker, 10pts; jt2 Maver NE and Colmic Wood­lands, both 11; 4 Dar­ling­ton Angling Cen­tre, 12; 5 Cleve­land Angling Cen­tre, 17; 6 Yarm, 23.

ANGLING TRUST WI­GAN WIN­TER LEAGUE (SUN) Leeds-Liver­pool Canal, Sara­cen’s Head (112 pegs)

The big­gest league of the event got un­der way on the Sara­cen’s Head sec­tion, and vic­tory went to Ted Carter Pre­ston with 36 points, four in front of Wi­gan MG. Top rod was Hind­ley MG’s Lawrence Clay­ton with 10-15-5 of skim­mers and roach on bread­punch fished at 13m. Sean Bir­chall also fished punch on the long pole to clinch sec­ond with 8-9-0 of roach and skim­mers.

Re­sult: 1 L Clay­ton, Hind­ley MG, 10-15-5; 2 S Bir­chall, Sen­sas NW, 8-9-0; 3 R Gar­dom, Wi­gan MG, 8-0-3; 4 G Mor­timer, Tri-Cast Rochdale Black, 7-15-12; 5 M Glover, Wi­gan MG, 6-14-5.

Teams: 1 Ted Carter Pre­ston, 36pts; 2 Wi­gan MG, 40; 3 Tri-Cast Rochdale Black, 46; 4 Saints, 52; 5 Liver­pool AS, 54; 6 Sen­sas NW, 56.

MIRFIELD AC (SAT) Aire & Calder Canal, Whit­ley & Heck (42 pegs)

Short-range tac­tics won the day for Dave Ar­mitage as the Cleck­heaton an­gler drew peg 7 on the Whit­ley sec­tion and found roach to 6oz us­ing mag­got over ground­bait at 6m to take 13-6-0. Dave Grace also found roach for sec­ond place with 11-10-0.

Re­sult: 1 D Ar­mitage, Cleck­heaton, 13-6-0; 2 D Grace, Pon­te­fract, 11-10-0; 3 P Bar­ron, Tackle 2U, 11-0-0; 4 G Bass, Brad­ford, 10-12-0; 5 R Jack­son, Maver NW, 10-0-0.

MIRFIELD AC (SUN) River Calder (50 pegs)

It was the turn of the river for Sun­day’s open and weights were good, with Chris Bur­ton top­ping the shop on 18-13-0. The

Tad­caster rod took roach on stick float and mag­got from his peg on the Mexbor­ough Es­tate sec­tion, rel­e­gat­ing Craig Tur­bitt into sec­ond with 15-10-0 of roach from the same area.

Re­sult: 1 C Bur­ton, Tad­caster, 18-13-0; 2 C Tur­bitt, Tackle 2U, 15-10-0; 3 P Clark, Mirfield Willy Worms, 15-8-0; 4 M Hughes, Tad­caster, 13-14-0; 5 A Miller, Tackle 2U, 13-12-0; 6 D Ar­mitage, Cleck­heaton, 11-10-0.

PAR­TRIDGE LAKES TEAMS OF FOUR WIN­TER LEAGUE (SUN) Covey Canal, Wil­low, Piper, Rib­bon, Marsh & Spey Canal Lakes (80 pegs)

It was an­other busy day at Par­tridge on Sun­day with the open­ing round of this league, won by Tri-Cast with six points, three in front of Pa­tri­croft AC. Gar­bolino El­ton sup­plied the top two an­glers, Steve Parry win­ning with 92-7-0 of F1s at peg 24 on the Piper Canal, where he fished bread and pel­let across at 12m, and Colin Scott, on peg 169 of Canal 5, tak­ing 44-12-0 of F1s on mag­got fished at 11m for sec­ond.

Re­sult: 1 S Parry, Gar­bolino El­ton, 92-7-0; 2 C Scott, Gar­bolino El­ton, 44-12-0; 3 A Nel­son, St He­lens Paul For­ber, 43-12-0; 4 P Coyle, Gar­bolino Select, 42-12-0; 5 B Pope, Mosella NW Black, 41-1-0; 6 A Foster, Weekend War­riors, 39-10-0.

Teams: 1 Tri-Cast, 6pts; 2 Pa­tri­croft AC, 9; jt3 Gar­bolino El­ton, Gar­bolino Select, Ma­trix Leigh Tackle & Bait and PNS Team, all 10.

RIVER ANCHOLME CHAM­PI­ONSHIP (SUN) River Ancholme (41 pegs)

Dean Smith was crowned cham­pion after the Colmic man found the perch at peg 5 on the Broughton sec­tion to weigh in 13-2-0. Chopped worm and caster fished at 12m and 6m gave him a

net of fish to 10oz, sec­ond go­ing to Lee Grim­belby with 12-8-0 of perch on worm and mag­got.

Re­sult: 1 D Smith, Colmic, 13-2-0; 2 L Grim­bleby, Scun­thorpe Dy­na­mite Baits, 12-8-0; 3 B How­gate, Hull DAA, 11-2-0; 4 N Wat­son, Louth, 9-0-0; 5 D Lloyd, Scun­thorpe, 8-12-0; jt6 A Dyer, Lincs County and T Moroz, Ch­ester­field, both 8-7-0.

STEVE ROBERTS ME­MO­RIAL (SUN) River Tyne (48 pegs)

De­spite the cold, the Tyne pro­duced a rea­son­able match for this me­mo­rial event. Not­ting­hamshire an­gler Stu Raynor made the trip up north pay off as the Match­man Sup­plies rod won with 10-2-0 of dace at peg 38, where he caught on stick float and mag­got tac­tics. The same ap­proach on peg 25 saw Big Waters man Andy Bell fin­ish sec­ond, just 2oz be­hind, with 10-0-0 of dace. Re­sult: 1 S Raynor, Match­man Sup­plies, 10-2-0; 2 A Bell, Big Waters, 10-0-0; 3 R New­ton, Cleve­land Angling Cen­tre, 9-3-0; 4 B Leonard, Brad­ford, 9-2-0; 5 M Bradley, Durham, 7-4-0; 6 T Richard­son, New­cas­tle, 6-4-0.

WI­GAN DAA (SAT) Leeds-Liver­pool Canal, Par­bold (41 pegs)

Satur­day’s open drew an­other healthy crowd and they saw Wi­gan MG ace Carl Blur­ton claim his third win in a row. His draw on the flats sec­tion pro­duced 4-0-12 of small roach, over 120 in all, taken on bread­punch fished at 12m. Sec­ond place went to Kevin Garry, of Hind­ley MG, with 3-12-4 of small roach, also on punch. Re­sult: 1 C Blur­ton, Wi­gan MG, 4-0-12; 2 K Garry, Hind­ley MG, 3-12-4; 3 D McGuinn, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 3-3-8; 4 J Leeds, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 2-15-0; 5 D Edger­ley, Wi­gan MG, 2-8-4; 6 J Clay­ton Hind­ley MG, 2-2-0.

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