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ANGLING TRUST AVON VAL­LEY WIN­TER LEAGUE (SUN) Wey Nav­i­ga­tion Canal, Parvis Bridge Black­boys Bridge (80 pegs)

Dren­nan Bor­don Angling fur­ther tight­ened their grip on the league as they won with 64 points to now go five clear at the top – and they had the day’s best weight too. That was from Brett Cooper, who drew be­low the Scout Hut. Long pole and bread­punch tac­tics gave him 11-1-0 of roach, and a sim­i­lar ap­proach saw Steve Beeby of Tu­ber­tini Apollo fin­ish sec­ond on 6-8-0, an­other roach net.

Re­sult: 1 B Cooper, Dren­nan Bor­don Angling Cen­tre, 11-1-0; 2 S Beeby, Tu­ber­tini Apollo, 6-8-0; 3 K Chubb, Home­stores Mosella, 6-4-0; 4 M Elly­att, Dren­nan Bor­don Angling Cen­tre, 5-3-0; 5 D Pool, Home­stores Mosella, 4-11-0; 5 J Brown­lie, Brown­ing Crows­ports, 4-11-0.

Teams: 1 Dren­nan Bor­don Angling Cen­tre, 64pts; 2 Arun MG, 57; 3 Home­stores Mosella, 51; 4 Tu­ber­tini Apollo, 46; 5 Sen­sas Oak­wood Angling, 43; 6 Brown­ing Crows­ports, 42.

League: 1 Dren­nan Bor­don Angling Cen­tre, 4pts; 2 Home­stores Mosella, 9; 3 Arun MG, 14; 4 Sen­sas Oak­wood Angling, 15; 5 Brown­ing Crows­ports, 22; 6 Tu­ber­tini Apollo, 23.

ANGLING TRUST SOUTH WEST WIN­TER LEAGUE (SUN) Ken­net & Avon Canal, Melk­sham (40 pegs)

Fourth on the day saw Mosella Bathamp­ton’s ti­tle charge fal­ter a lit­tle as Sen­sas No­mads won the round. The league now has Pre­ston

In­no­va­tions Thatcher’s two points clear of Mosella with a round still to go. No­mads also had the day’s win­ner in Ge­off Si­b­ley who from the King’s Arms sec­tion fished dead mag­got over ground­bait at 13m to weigh in 4-1-0 of small skim­mers. Thatcher’s rod Tony Gil­bert also fished mag­got and ground­bait for 3-13-0 of skim­mers on the same sec­tion to take sec­ond.

Re­sult: 1 G Si­b­ley, Sen­sas No­mads, 4-1-0; 2 T Gil­bert, Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Thatcher’s, 3-13-0; 3 S Townsend, Mosella Bathamp­ton, 3-3-0; 4 I Cur­rie, Sen­sas No­mads, 2-14-0; 5 S Caswell, Amal­ga­ma­tion, 2-13-0; 6 L Brad­dell, Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Thatcher’s, 2-10-0.

Teams: 1 Sen­sas No­mads, 13.5pts; 2 Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Thatcher’s, 29; 3 Amal­ga­ma­tion, 24; 4 Mosella Bathamp­ton, 22; 5 Gerry’s An­gels, 23.5.

League: 1 Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Thatcher’s, 8pts; 2 Mosella Bathamp­ton, 10; 3 Sen­sas No­mads, 14; 4 Gerry’s An­gels, 20; 5 Amal­ga­ma­tion, 27

ANGLING TRUST UP­PER THAMES WIN­TER LEAGUE (SUN) Ken­net & Avon Canal, Pile-Seend Park (48 pegs)

Sec­ond on the day was enough for De­vizes MG to main­tain their lead at the top, and they are now two points in front of Daiwa Gor­don League. Ma­trix Tal­is­man won the day and had top in­di­vid­ual in John Williams. He drew on the new ma­rina and took skim­mers to 1lb fish­ing worm and mag­got over ground­bait at 13m to weigh in 11-8-0, just ounces in front of Black­more Vale’s Mike Berntsen, who replied with 11-3-0 of skim­mers and perch fish­ing pinkie and mag­got on the long pole from the wides sec­tion.

Re­sult: 1 J Williams, Ma­trix Tal­is­man, 11-8-0; 2 M Berntsen, Gar­bolino Black­more Vale MG, 11-3-0; 3 J Rock, Brown­ing An­dover MG, 11-0-0; 4 P Pass­more, De­vizes MG, 8-7-0; 5 P Townsend, Ma­trix Tal­is­man, 8-3-0; 6 A Chat­ter­ley, Gar­bolino Black­more Vale MG, 7-8-0.

Teams: 1 Ma­trix Tal­is­man, 34pts; 2 De­vizes MG, 29; 3 Sen­sas Lobby’s Tackle, 28 (sec­tion wins); 4 Daiwa Gor­don League, 28; 5 Gar­bolino Black­more Vale MG, 26; 6 Brown­ing An­dover MG, 23.

League: 1 De­vizes MG, 8pts; 2 Daiwa Gor­don League, 10; 3 Sen­sas Lobby’s Tackle, 13; 4 Ma­trix Tal­is­man, 14; 5 Gar­bolino Black­more Vale MG, 15; 6 Brown­ing An­dover MG, 24.

BAIT-TECH VIADUCT FISH­ERY (THURS) Camp­bell & Cary Lakes (35 pegs)

The first real frosts of the win­ter saw weights drop dras­ti­cally. Terry Leney needed only 57-2-0 to win from peg 124 on the Camp­bell Lake, catch­ing carp to 8lb on wag­gler and corn. The same ap­proach saw Dave Ro­maine into sec­ond on peg 115 of the same lake with 48-14-0 of fish to 6lb.

Re­sult: 1 T Leney, Silly­bait, 57-2-0; 2 D Ro­maine, Viaduct, 48-14-0; 3 L Pes­tic­cio, Mosella, 41-5-0; 4 S Shaw, Mosella, 40-4-0; 5 P Bowyer, HLS, 36-9-0; 6 B Chivers, HLS, 27-4-0. Top sil­ver­fish weight: D Sul­li­van, Maver, 13-7-0.

KENT WIN­TER LEAGUE PRAC­TICE (SUN) Royal Mil­i­tary Canal (36 pegs)

Three pegs in a line at Seav­iew won the main money in this prac­tice, and Brown­ing SE’s John Pantry led the way with 10-1-0 of skim­mers and roach on pinkie and mag­got fished at 13m. Grenville We­ston, at the peg next door, had 9-2-0 of roach and skim­mers, and Kevin Carter was third on 6-13-0.

Re­sult: 1 J Pantry, Brown­ing SE, 10-1-0; 2 G We­ston, APR, 9-2-0; 3 K Carter, Maver Cole­man’s Bait & Tackle/ Match­pack, 6-13-0; 4 I Ger­maney, Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Del­cac, 5-12-0; 5 K Dyer, Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Del­cac, 5-7-0; 6 A El­lis, Maver Car­di­nals, 5-4-0.

LAKE JOHN (WEDS) Top Lake (16 pegs)

Kick­ing off at 12m with dead

mag­got over ground­bait from peg 9, Rob Dean soon changed to a shorter line at 6m and found the skim­mers lined up. The lo­cal rod net­ted fish to 2lb steadily to win with 85-0-0 at the scales. Sec­ond place was shared by Martin Amos on peg 5 and Trevor Stan­ley on peg 29, with 58-8-0 apiece.

Re­sult: 1 R Dean, Lake John, 85-0-0; jt2 M Amos and T Stan­ley, both Lake John, both 58-8-0; 4 M Scan­lon, Oak­wood Angling, 57-0-0; 5 S Craw­ley, Lake John, 44-8-0; 6 D Lip­scombe, Oak­wood Angling, 42-4-0.

OCK­ENDON BAIT & TACKLE (SUN) Pud­dle­dock Farm, Snake Lake (42 pegs)

A tight fin­ish was edged by Gary Rolfe with 71-12-0 of carp to 9lb. The Ock­endon Bait & Tackle man drew peg 75 and caught on pel­let fished to the far bank at 13m and then down the track. His fi­nal score put him just 12oz in front of team mate Tony Todd on peg 63, where he used pel­let and mag­got at 11m to bag a level 71-0-0 of carp to 6lb plus a few skim­mers.

Re­sult: 1 G Rolfe, Ock­endon Bait & Tackle, 71-12-0; 2 T Todd, Ock­endon Bait & Tackle, 71-0-0; 3 D Harold, Ock­endon Bait & Tackle, 70-8-0; 4 R Harold, Ma­trix, 60-8-0; 5 G Hughes, Ock­endon Bait & Tackle, 55-12-0; 6 J Pen­hali­gan, Ock­endon Bait & Tackle, 54-8-0.

OX­FORD­SHIRE WIN­TER LEAGUE PRAC­TICE (SUN) Ken­net & Avon Canal, Up­per Dun­mill (40 pegs)

Big perch fig­ured in the lead­ing weights in this prac­tice match, and win­ner Ge­off Lewen­don net­ted a 2lb 8oz fish backed by smaller fish on long pole and lob­worm backed by roach on squatt from his peg on the big tree above the lock to weigh in 8-14-0. Martin Kirk took two big perch on lob­worm plus roach on squatt from the end peg for sec­ond on 8-5-0.

Re­sult: 1 G Lewen­don, Dren­nan Ox­ford, 8-14-0; 2 M Kirk, Sen­sas A4, 8-5-0; 3 J Beesley, Dren­nan Ox­ford, 6-6-0; 4 K Holmes, Sen­sas A4, 6-3-0.

SSP TYLER’S COM­MON (SAT) Horse­shoe Lake (24 pegs)

The cold weather has fi­nally made its mark on the weights, and although a ton was needed to win, the back­ing weights were well down. Gra­ham Dack led the way with 122-0-0 of carp to 8lb plus skim­mers off peg 14, fish­ing mag­got at 13m and in the side. Micky Hood on peg 26 fol­lowed with 67-8-0 of carp, perch and skim­mers to claim sec­ond.

Re­sult: 1 G Dack, Maver/SSP Baits, 122-0-0; 2 M Hood, SSP Tyler’s Com­mon, 67-8-0; 3 J Hunt, Ock­endon Bait & Tackle, 66-8-0; 4 G For­man, Maver Cole­man’s Bait & Tackle/Match­pack, 65-4-0; 5 G Bur­ton, SSP Tyler’s Com­mon, 61-8-0; 6 J Eldrid, SSP Tyler’s Com­mon, 57-0-0.

STAFFORD MOOR SILVERMANIAC QUAL­I­FIER (SAT) Tan­ner’s, Pines, Oak & Wood­pecker Lakes (56 pegs)

The race was on to bag a qual­i­fy­ing spot for Sun­day’s £1,000 win­ner-takes-all fi­nal, and Andy Grif­fiths en­sured his name was first on the list after win­ning the whole match with 18-7-0 from peg 36 on Tan­ner’s Lake. Long pole tac­tics with red mag­got saw him land skim­mers, roach and a bonus tench. Andy fin­ished well in front of sec­ond-placed Rob Hen­rick, who took 13-11-0 from peg 4 on the same lake.

Re­sult: 1 A Grif­fiths, Chel­tenham, 18-7-0; 2 R Hen­rick, Long Ea­ton Vic­to­ria, 13-11-0; 3 S Clark, Stafford Moor, 12-6-0; 4 A Mar­shall, Banstead, 11-2-0; 5 P Ran­dell, Sen­sas, 10-2-0; 6 A Lee, Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Del­cac, 9-12-0.

Andy Grif­fiths

needed just 10-5-0 to win.

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