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ONE of the ques­tions I’m al­ways asked as the weather turns con­cerns the best bait to put on a Method or Hy­brid feeder.

In the cold I don’t think that pel­lets can be beaten. Ground­bait, while deadly in the sum­mer, just doesn’t have the same pulling power in the cold.

This choice re­ally high­lights one of the finer de­tails to my fish­ing that most an­glers may miss – and that’s us­ing a mix of pel­let types on the feeder.

Where al­lowed I al­ways use Ringers Method Mi­cros, which are a mix of sev­eral dif­fer­ent coarse pel­lets. This means that the mix is easy to soak, sticks to the feeder, and breaks down quickly too.

It’s hard to get one pel­let that does ev­ery­thing you want, but by mix­ing two or more you can achieve the per­fect mix.

I also pre­fer coarse pel­lets in the cold be­cause their low oil con­tent means that they are eas­ier for the carp to di­gest.

I use a com­bi­na­tion of dif­fer­ent sized pel­lets for the per­fect mix.

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