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IF THERE’S one hook­bait which is syn­ony­mous with win­ter Method feeder fish­ing then it’s punched bread! I would go so far as to say that there is prob­a­bly no bait that has caught more cold-wa­ter carp in the last five years than bread.

It re­ally does have ev­ery­thing go­ing for it – it’s bright in colour so it re­ally stands out in clear wa­ter. Once in the wa­ter it soft­ens up, so it’s easy for carp to suck in, and it re­quires min­i­mal ef­fort to di­gest.

I like to fish three discs, the size of which de­pends on the size of carp I’m tar­get­ing. On big lakes like Bod­ding­ton, where the fish av­er­age 8lb-plus, I will fish three 10mm discs, but on smaller wa­ters like

Mead­ow­lands, with a lower av­er­age weight, I will opt for three 8mm discs.

In terms of prepa­ra­tion, if the bread is fresh then I see no rea­son to mi­crowave it.

In­stead I just com­press it prior to punch­ing to take some of the air out and make it a more ro­bust hook­bait.

Bread is my No1 win­ter Method bait.

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