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Lo­ca­tion changes with the sea­sons

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HOW does the lo­ca­tion of carp on small lakes change from the sum­mer to win­ter?

Will Proud, Cleve­don

CAST around with a lead or plumb up on the float to lo­cate the deep­est ar­eas. Clear­ing wa­ter will force carp out into the lake. A soft lakebed will hold the most nat­u­ral food.

A fea­ture is al­ways worth ex­plor­ing – on com­mer­cials this could be a aer­a­tor, as this pro­vides some cover over the heads of the carp but an over­hang­ing tree or bed of rushes against an is­land is equally good.

How­ever, the wa­ter will be slightly shal­lower here and so you may be best off wait­ing for the day to warm up fully be­fore mak­ing your cast.

The same ap­plies to the mar­gins. Pro­vided that there is a min­i­mum of 3ft of wa­ter in this spot and some cover from reeds or dy­ing lily pads, a carp or two will mooch into this spot late in the day so you should never ig­nore what’s un­der your feet.

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