How do I elas­ti­cate my pole?

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IS THERE a sim­ple way of elas­ti­cat­ing the top kit of a pole? What elas­tics I should be us­ing for var­i­ous fish?

Dave Proud, Winch­ester

THE key is to take your time when cut­ting back a top kit to pre­vent break­age or a split oc­cur­ring. See the step by step guide (right).

There are two types of elas­tic on the mar­ket. Solid elas­tic has less stretch than hol­low but more con­cen­trated power, and is pop­u­lar in the lighter grades with river and canal an­glers for small fish. Solid elas­tic is fine for carp but can bot­tom out (reach the point where it can’t stretch any more), re­sult­ing in bro­ken line and lost fish. The chart (right) gives you a good idea of solid elas­tic grades in re­la­tion to species.

Hol­low elas­tic has far more stretch and is softer than its solid equiv­a­lent, los­ing a bit in the power stakes. An­glers who fish for perch and skim­mers love the stuff, and when us­ing small hooks in win­ter and spring for carp, hol­low elas­tic is a win­ner. In terms of hol­low grades, num­bers such as 6-8 re­late to tra­di­tional solid grades.

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