Mov­ing to a shal­lower swim reaps re­wards on the Avon

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AF­TER draw­ing a to­tal no-hoper in a fast ris­ing RiverFest qual­i­fier on the Sev­ern at Shrews­bury I was left with lots of spare mag­gots!

Rather than waste them, I de­cided to spend the fol­low­ing day at a place on the War­wick­shire Avon that I hadn’t fished for many a year.

The venue in ques­tion was the Birm­ing­ham An­glers As­so­ci­a­tion con­trolled stretch at Flad­bury, a few miles be­low Eve­sham.

I’d heard some good re­ports about the place, and with park­ing avail­able right be­hind many of the swims there, it was just what I needed to get the Sev­ern match out of my sys­tem. I also had four pints of mag­gots to use up!

The last time I fished at Flad­bury you had to walk to the pegs, so to be able to drive along the river­bank and park where you want was a real bonus.

There are stages all the way along the length and some great-look­ing pegs, as well with overhanging trees and bushes on the far bank of many of the swims.

I ar­rived at the venue at 1pm and de­cided to try a very fishy-look­ing swim with a big tree overhanging down to the wa­ter and a lot of flood debris built up around it.

It was a swim straight out of a Mr Crab­tree car­toon strip, and I felt sure that I would catch some chub and prob­a­bly a few roach and perch into the bar­gain. First job was to plumb the depth, and I was sur­prised to find be­tween 10ft and 11ft of wa­ter at dif­fer­ent points in the swim. The river was very clear, but flow­ing slowly right un­der the snags, so I was sure that it would only be a mat­ter of time be­fore I was bat­tling with chub!

I set up two 14ft Daiwa Tour­na­ment RS 14F rods with 3lb Pro Float main­lines and 0.10mm hook­lengths tied to size 20 medium wire hooks.

On the one rod I fixed a DH 3g No4 Bolo and on the other a DH 3AAA In­sert Pea­cock wag­gler.

Both rigs went through per­fectly, but af­ter two hours of fish­ing I’d got next to noth­ing in the net! If I was to get any­thing out of this af­ter­noon ses­sion, I knew that a change of swim was in or­der.

I moved up­stream and set­tled in on my sec­ond swim of the day, a few pegs be­low the bridge. It was much shal­lower here, with around 5ft of wa­ter two-thirds across the river. I swapped the in­sert wag­gler for a straight 3AAA pea­cock with just two No6 shot down the line and a size 18 hook tied to 0.12mm Pro Rig line.

By the time I started fish­ing I’d got just about an hour left to try and get some­thing from the day in the form of a catch. A cou­ple of chub would do it, but what fol­lowed was the most fran­tic hour I can re­call for a while!

With time against me, I went for a bold at­tack and loosefed heav­ily with a good pouch­ful of mag­gots ev­ery put-in. A few small chublets came first and then, af­ter 10 min­utes, I struck into a good chub which came to­wards me at such a speed that it was dif­fi­cult to keep up with. Sadly, the fish won this bat­tle, bury­ing its head in the near­side rushes. One-nil to them!

I stepped up my hook­length from 0.12mm to 0.14mm and tied a size 16 hook to this. Two big Lane’s mag­gots filled the gape nicely, and it wasn’t long be­fore the score was pulled back to 1-1.

For the re­main­der of the short ses­sion I seemed to be play­ing chub all the time, and all was go­ing well un­til a pike of around 15lb tried to am­bush a 2lb chub on the way in! This hap­pened sev­eral more times be­fore the pike even­tu­ally got one of the chub straight across the mid­dle and just swam off with it! Most of these were caught in the last hour!

Heavy feed­ing soon switched the chub on. DAVE HAR­RELL: RIVER TAC­TICS

A move up­stream saw a change for the bet­ter.

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