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Giles An­der­son, email Q How long would you leave a bait in place, with­out a bite? I get itchy feet af­ter four hours of no ac­tion! A I think this is an is­sue many an­glers strug­gle with, Giles – it has played on my mind at times. There are two key things to con­sider. First, are there fish in the area? Sec­ond, am I con­fi­dent that I am well pre­sented?

The process of com­mit­ting a bait to a spot is very thor­ough, so when the rig is in po­si­tion I am cer­tain that it isn’t tan­gled and also that it has been cast to a pre­sentable bit of lakebed. Hav­ing done these things and hav­ing set up where I have seen carp ac­tiv­ity (al­ways!) then I don’t worry too much, although I am, of course, al­ways look­ing at the lake in case the fish have moved.

If you think the fish have left the area it could pay to wind in and go and look for them.

Try to judge each sit­u­a­tion on its own merit and don’t be too twitchy. I al­ways wait out bite time and never wind in be­fore mid to late morn­ing... un­less it is kick­ing off some­where else, of course!

One of the best bits of ad­vice I have ever been given is sim­ply this: ‘If you think you should have had a bite and you haven’t, then re­cast the rod.’

This has pro­duced fish for me on nu­mer­ous oc­ca­sions. Some­times you just know that you should have had a bite – per­haps it’s a rod that has been do­ing fish con­sis­tently and then it sud­denly dries up. It could be that it is ly­ing across a stick or some­thing. Re­do­ing it has of­ten re­sulted in an­other quick bite, and be­ing proac­tive like this can be a lot more re­ward­ing than sit­ting on your hands, too afraid to re­cast, and then wind­ing in at pack­ing-up time to find your rig has been badly tan­gled the whole time! Adam Pen­ning, Pro­logic

ABOVE: If you think you should have had a bite and you haven’t, then re­cast the rod.

BE­LOW: A good bait on a reliable rig. If the fish are in the area, then have the con­fi­dence to leave it place.

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