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Q I’ve got se­ri­ous tench and bream prob­lems – what’s the big­gest I can go with my home-rolled boilies be­fore they start to de­ter the carp as well!? A We have all en­coun­tered this frus­trat­ing prob­lem at some point, and in the past I’ve used hook­baits as big as 38mm to try to avoid ‘nui­sance’ fish. Once you see a bait of that size in a carp’s huge mouth it re­ally doesn’t look that big at all! So, if you’re tar­get­ing 20lb-plus fish then I wouldn’t shy away from us­ing hook­baits of this size, along­side free­bies of around 26mm.

Rig-wise, be sure to in­crease your hook size to match the big­ger bait. I’ve found that us­ing a big bot­tom bait, as op­posed to a bal­anced bait, is bet­ter at de­ter­ring smaller species. This, cou­pled with a slightly longer hair, work won­ders, be­cause the smaller species strug­gle to suck the heavy bait from the bot­tom and cer­tainly can’t suck it in enough to hook them­selves on the long hair. Jake An­der­son, So­lar Tackle

Don’t be afraid to use boilies of 30mm and over to de­ter nui­sance species.

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