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THERE’S no doubt that pel­lets are a very ef­fec­tive bait for bar­bel, and my feeder mix re­flects this.

You’re look­ing to cre­ate a po­tent-smelling mix which can draw fish into your swim, and one that will keep them there for the max­i­mum amount of time.

I use Sonubaits Bar­bel Pel­lets mixed with Hemp and Hali Crush ground­bait – both of which have been pur­posely de­signed for river bar­bel fish­ing – and I will mix them in a ratio of around one part pel­lets to three parts Hemp and Hali Crush.

Small par­ti­cles are best for keep­ing fish in your swim for longer and I like to use a range of sizes of pel­let from 2mm up to 6mm so the fish don’t get pre­oc­cu­pied with one size of bait.

The pel­lets will slowly get washed down­stream by the cur­rent, cre­at­ing a bed of bait, while the finer par­ti­cles of the ground­bait will be washed fur­ther down­stream, giv­ing off a trail of attraction which will draw fish up to­wards the bed of pel­lets.

“You’re look­ing for a po­tent-smelling mix that will draw fish into your swim”

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