This lit­tle cutie of a 7ft lead rod mea­sures up in ev­ery re­spect

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PRE­STON In­no­va­tions’ lat­est ‘lit­tle mon­ster’ of a rod is the de­light­fully named Wandzee – just the thing to pub chuck a bomb or feeder be­yond the pole line.

This joint-free 5ft 9ins com­mer­cial cutie can be fit­ted with 1oz, 1.5oz or 2oz Mon­ster push-in car­bon quiv­er­tips which take it to a tad over 7ft in to­tal.

Still quite a rar­ity on the bank, sin­gle sec­tioned rods have plenty of pos­i­tives. Re­move the quiv­er­tip and the Wandzee can be trans­ported in­side vir­tu­ally any fully-zipped rod or pole holdall. Match it to a smaller 2500/3000 sized reel with a flat­fold han­dle and it can be slipped un­ob­tru­sively be­tween your top kits in their plas­tic tubes.

Fair do’s, this rod isn’t go­ing to cast much be­yond 30m, but its seam­less and flat spot­free par­a­bolic ac­tion suits it to ev­ery­thing from small F1s through to fatso fish with at­ti­tude. Those of you not nor­mally able to hit a bot­tle-top area ev­ery chuck will be be sur­prised how ac­cu­rate you can get with the Wandzee.

This week’s live test took place at De­coy’s fish-heavy Horse­hoe Lake which, at around 20m wide, is ideal for this type of short-range lead rod.

Straight off the bat, I’d say that the Wandzee would be more likely to find its way into my holdall for win­ter leagues, rather than mid­sum­mer matches. But this new­est mem­ber of the Mon­ster clan did turn in a jaw-dropping per­for­mance, and un­de­ni­ably has year-round tal­ents.

The rod feels rea­son­ably crisp and very light. Some may find its through ac­tion a tad bouncy on the cast, but un­less you’re clat­ter­ing out a feeder to the hori­zon does that re­ally mat­ter?

It will com­fort­ably han­dle most any­thing that swims, yet it can be used with light lines and small hooks with no fear of pre­ma­ture evac­u­a­tion if some­thing hefty tugs your line.

Pre­ston tags the Wandzee with a 35g max­i­mum cast­ing weight, which is there or there­abouts for a fully loaded 30g flatbed feeder, and the rod is in­deed on its lim­its with that.

Bite regis­tra­tion has to be seen to be be­lieved. I’d kit­ted up with a fast-sink­ing pre-stretched 6lb mono reel line, and bites were noth­ing short of sav­age.

Watch­ing them de­velop was in­ter­est­ing. With the tip very much in view, I could see all those lit­tle plucks and twitches as fish moved in to feed close to the bait… an early warn­ing sys­tem be­fore the tip hooped round.

For win­ter F1 tac­tics with a mag­got feeder and match­ing hook­bait, tim­ing of the strike on those nig­gly lit­tle knocks you tend to get could be helped greatly by this rod’s shorter length.

The play­ing ac­tion is sweeter than a Wagon Wheel dipped into a jar of syrup and dusted in ic­ing sugar, and will leave you drool­ing for more. In the won­der­ful world of non-lock­ing par­a­bolic ac­tions, the Wandzee re-writes the book, han­dling any­thing from a newly­stocked F1 to a grumpy war vet of a carp with equal aplomb.

Price: £74.99

The non-lock­ing parabol­i­cac­tion is plain to see.

Big fish hold no fears for the feisty Wandzee.

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