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Mark Sawyer re­veals two new mod­els ideal for bar­bel on big, wide rivers

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We re­veal Sonik’s new big-fish reels, hot carp baits and more

SONIK Sports con­tin­ues to widen its hugely pop­u­lar Vader range of carp­ing hard­ware with the launch of two new com­pact freespool reels.

Just the job for tar­get­ing small to medium-sized venues or ‘runs wa­ters’, the reels come in two sizes (5000 and 6000). They weigh 430g and 435g, and boast a mi­cro-ad­justable front drag and an in­de­pen­dent freespool rear drag ad­just­ment.

Build qual­ity is im­pres­sive. The reels are made from a light but hard­wear­ing graphite ma­te­rial (with a stain­less steel main shaft), and come with solid alu­minium han­dles, over­sized line-friendly line clips and two an­odised alu­minium spools.

With a gear ra­tio of 5.5:1, there’s no lack of crank­ing power ei­ther.

Hav­ing used both reels teamed with Sonik’s Spe­cial­ist Bar­bel rods to great ef­fect on the River Trent, I can vouch for their re­li­a­bil­ity and solid per­for­mance.

For me, the larger 6000 model just gets the nod be­tween the two, as its larger, wider spool is suited to heav­ier lines.

It also has slightly more crank­ing power, very handy when re­triev­ing heavy leads and swim­feed­ers at long range.

The clutch ad­just­ment on the front of the spool, and the ten­sion set­tings for the freespool fa­cil­ity, are func­tional rather than pre­cise, but they won’t let you down. All­black aes­thet­ics and un­der­stated graph­ics give these Soniks a classy look, and for the ask­ing price you won’t find a bet­ter reel any­where. Price: £49.99

OVER­SIZED LINE ROLLER This works equally well with thicker di­am­e­ter lines and braids.

QUICK-FOLD HAN­DLE Thanks to this the reel takes up lit­tle space on the way to the bank.

FREESPOOL FA­CIL­ITY This switches be­tween freespool and en­gaged modes.

LINE CLIP This line-friendly clip is un­likely to snap you off and is easy to use.

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