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Is there a bet­ter bait than meat to take ad­van­tage of the au­tumn feed-up on the pools? Steve doesn’t think so… and he’s reach­ing for a tin to boost his catches

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re­veals how to get the best from meat – a deadly bait right now

WE’RE com­ing to that great time of year on the com­mer­cial scene when fish go on a big feed-up in prepa­ra­tion for the colder weather to come.

And there’s one bait that re­ally comes to the fore right now... good, old-fash­ioned lun­cheon meat!

Of course, meat isn’t al­lowed every­where, but on venues where it is it can be sim­ply un­beat­able, pos­si­bly be­cause it gives the fish a change from their nor­mal diet of an­glers’ pel­lets.

Not only does it catch a lot of fish, but it seems to pick out the big­ger spec­i­mens too.

Here, then, is how to get the best from meat…


As far as late-sea­son meat fish­ing goes it’s all about fish­ing it on what is known as the 5m line.

The term ‘5m’ is ac­tu­ally rather de­ceiv­ing, as what it ac­tu­ally refers to is fish­ing at the bot­tom of the near shelf. On some venues this can be as close in as 4m or as far out as 8m.

Find­ing the bot­tom of the shelf couldn’t be eas­ier. It’s sim­ply a case of plumb­ing out from the bank un­til you find where the lakebed flat­tens out.

I like to fish around a foot away from the shelf on the flat, and will also fish at an an­gle of ei­ther 10 o’clock or two o’clock, if you imag­ine your swim as a clock face.

Which side I choose de­pends on a va­ri­ety of fac­tors, from how much room there is be­tween my­self and the next peg, to the wind di­rec­tion and tow.

I like to fish at an an­gle so that when I hook a fish short I can quickly steer it away from the baited area and play it in front of me with­out risk of spook­ing any other fish in the swim.

There’s noth­ing worse than play­ing a hooked carp right on top of your bait.


Lun­cheon meat is a fan­tas­tic bait on its own, but there are times when I like to feed other baits with it to boost its at­trac­tion.

With­out doubt, my favourite is hemp. There are sev­eral ways to feed hemp and meat to­gether, but the main idea is to use hemp to try to keep the fish on the deck.

I will of­ten feed half a 250ml pot of hemp to kick the swim off, and then I will only feed it again

This carp slipped up in search of a meat feast.

A lively carp is hooked on the so-called 5m line.

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