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THE FOL­LOW­ING are the re­sults of the var­i­ous com­pe­ti­tions held at the Mid Ar­gyll Show on Satur­day Au­gust 12, 2017: First prize-win­ners shown. Cly­des­dale Horse Sec­tion (Judge: Matthew Carrick): Geld­ing: M May­berry. Filly, colt or geld­ing un­der three years: D& C MacPhail. Yeld mare or geld­ing over three years: D& C MacPhail. Horse in har­ness: M May­berry.

Cham­pion Cly­des­dale: D & C MacPhail, Camp­bel­town. Re­serve Cham­pion: D & C MacPhail.

Cat­tle: High­land Cat­tle (Judge: Alex Smith): Bull, any age: R& E McMil­lan. Cow in Calf or with Calf at foot: S & M O’Hara. Suck­led Calf: S McKay. Three-year-old Heifer: Cladich fold. Two Year Old Heifer: R D Schus­ter; One year old heifer: Ach­na­cloich fold; High­land Cat­tle Cham­pion: Chal­lenge Cup: S & M O’Hara. Re­serve Cham­pion, Mrs Strick­land Tro­phy: R & E McMil­lan. Best Op­po­site Sex in High­land Cat­tle sec­tion, and the Cnoc Fold Quaich: R and E McMil­lan. Best Group of Three: Cladich fold.

Any other Pure Breed of Cat­tle suit­able for Breed­ing (Judge: Robert McAlis­ter): Cow in Calf or in Milk: D An­der­son. Heifer Suck­led Calf: D An­der­son. Open Cham­pion: D An­der­son. Re­serve Cham­pion: D An­der­son.

Cross suck­led calves (Judge: Robert McAlis­ter): Bul­lock calf sired by any other pure breed: Dun­can Sem­ple. Heifer calf for beef sired by any other pure breed: Dun­can Sem­ple. Bul­lock calf born af­ter Fe­bru­ary 1 2017: Dou­glas MacDon­ald. Heifer calf born af­ter Fe­bru­ary 1 2017: J, J & C McCal­lum. Cham­pion Cross Suck­led Calf, Achn­aba Cup and £40: J,J & C McCal­lum. Re­serve Cham­pion: Dou­glas MacDon­ald.

Com­mer­cial Beef Cat­tle (Judge: Robert McAlis­ter): Heifer for beef, one year old and over: H & F MacNi­col. Prime An­i­mal Cham­pion: H & F MacNi­col.

Un­hal­tered and Nat­u­rally Shown: Cow in Calf or in Milk: B Dixon. Cow with own Calf at foot: I Mal­colm. Heifer, Yeld suit­able for Breed­ing: B Dixon. Heifer Calf suit­able for Breed­ing: I Mal­colm. Bul­lock Calf: I Mal­colm. Heifer Calf for Beef: I Mal­colm. Bul­lock Calf Na­tive Sire: I Mal­colm. Heifer Calf Na­tive Sire: Dou­glas An­der­son. Nat­u­rally Shown Cham­pion: I Mal­colm. Nat­u­rally Shown Re­serve: B Dixon. Best Cross­bred An­i­mal for Breed­ing: I Mal­colm. Best An­i­mal in Com­mer­cial Beef: J,J & C McCal­lum. Best An­i­mal in Com­mer­cial Beef , Con­fined: I Mal­colm.

Con­fined Cham­pion: I Mal­colm. Open Cham­pion: J,J & C McCal­lum.

In­ter­breed Beef Cat­tle Tro­phies (Judge: Alan Telfer, show um­pire): Con­fined Beef Cham­pion: I Mal­colm. Re­serve Cham­pion: H& F MacNi­col. Open Beef Cham­pion: J,J & C McCal­lum. Re­serve Cham­pion: S & M O’Hara. Best Home­bred Beef An­i­mal: J,J & C McCal­lum. Best Team of Three Breed­ing An­i­mals: Cladich fold. Bull or cow and two off­spring: Cladich fold.

Cat­tle sec­tion, Ju­nior Young Han­dler: C Harvey, Rothe­say. Sheep: Black­face sheep (Judge: Wil­lie Ben­nie):

Black­face Ram two years old and over (con­fined): Tay­val­lich Es­tate. Black­face Sheep: Ram, Two years old and over (open): Messrs McArthur, Ar­ni­cle. Shear­ling Ram (con­fined): Tay­val­lich Es­tate. Shear­ling Ram (open): F Ron­ald. Ram Lamb (con­fined): R& I Shaw. Ram Lamb (open): F Ron­ald. Ewe, in milk, three years old and up­wards: R& I Shaw. Ewe, in Milk, three years old and up­wards (open): Messrs McArthur. Ewe, in milk, two years old (con­fined): Tay­val­lich Es­tate. Ewe, in milk, two years old (open): Messrs McArthur. Gim­mer (con­fined): C McLean. Gim­mer (open): K, A& R Camp­bell. Ewe Lamb (con­fined): R& I Shaw. Ewe Lamb (open): Messrs McArthur. Ewe with own Lamb or Lambs at Foot (open): 1 Messrs McArthur:

Sheep with fleece most suit­able for man­u­fac­tur­ing (open and con­fined): K,A & R Camp­bell. Con­fined Group Cham­pion: Ram, Ewe, Gim­mer and Ewe Lamb: R & I Shaw. Open Group Cham­pion: Messrs McArthur. Con­fined Black­face Cham­pion (Mid Ar­gyll Area: R& I Shaw. Re­serve Cham­pion: Tay­val­lich Es­tate. Over­all Black­face Sheep Cham­pi­onship: Messrs McArthur. Re­serve Cham­pion: K,A & R Camp­bell. Op­po­site Sex to Cham­pion: F Ron­ald. Male Cham­pi­onship: F Ron­ald. Fe­male Cham­pi­onship: Messrs McArthur.

Best Black­face Fe­male Bred by Ex­hibitor (con­fined): R & I Shaw. Best Black­face Sheep Bred by Ex­hibitor: Messrs McArthur.

Suf­folk sheep (Judge: Tommy MacPher­son): Ram Lamb (open): J MacDon­ald. Ewe (open): Messrs Pirie. Ewe Lamb (open): J MacDon­ald.


Win­ner of the walk­ing stick sec­tion, John MacClarty of Kilmichael Glas­sary.


Judge Matthew Carrick con­grat­u­lates Cal­lum MacPhail as he wins the Cly­des­dale cham­pi­onship with Gal­cal­fra Sweet Chloe.


The supreme con­fined cham­pion, a Bel­tex ewe lamb shown by Emma Sandi­lands.

Win­ner of the SWRI 75th An­niver­sary Quaich for the best bak­ing exhibit, Ann Wil­son from Ar­dr­ishaig. 06_a33MAShow80


Shaun Doy ith a clutch of tro­phies from the Home In­dus­tries com­pe­ti­tions

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