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THE an­nual Self Transcendence 24 track race, or­gan­ised by Sri Chin­moy AC, took place with 45 run­ners set­ting off at mid­day with the aim of see­ing how far they could run in 24 hours.

Af­ter the first few hours, Hun­gar­ian run­ner Nor­bet Mi­ha­lik was a clear leader for the men and Nor­way’s Terese Falk was lead­ing the women’s race. They were to main­tain these po­si­tions to the fin­ish, both record­ing world-class times.

Mi­ha­lik has been liv­ing in Northamp­ton the last few years and improving his per­for­mances steadily, most no­tably win­ning the 100-mile

North Downs Way race ear­lier this year.

At half­way he had cov­ered 139km and a big dis­tance looked pos­si­ble if he could hold it to­gether. He went through 100 miles in 14:05:12 and 200 km in 17:54:13 and was still look­ing strong and in con­trol.

In the last six hours he main­tained his pace to record an im­pres­sive 259.405km to rank sixth in the world 24-hour rank­ings for 2017.

Falk, the Nor­we­gian women’s 24-hour record-holder, came into the race with a PB of 228km and by half­way she had cov­ered 127.5km.

She reached 100 miles in 15:19:03 and 200km in 19:36:15.

Al­though slow­ing slightly in the last four hours, she main­tained her form to break her ex­ist­ing na­tional record with over an hour to go. Her fi­nal dis­tance of 236.803km gave her sec­ond place in the race and ranks her ninth in the women’s 24-hours rank­ing for 2017.

Be­hind Falk, GB in­ter­na­tional Iso­bel Wykes, run­ning her first long ul­tra af­ter a spell out with an in­jury, achieved a solid 203.415km while sec­ond place in the men’s race went to Jamie Hauxwell with 222.576km.

In all 24 run­ners achieved over 100 miles, with nine sur­pass­ing the 200km bar­rier.

Mixed events: 24-hour: 1 N Mi­ha­lik (N’hant RR, M35) 259.405; 2 T Falk (NOR, W40) 236.802; 3 J Hauxwell (Unatt) 222.575; 4 M Black­burn 218.257; 5 A Jor­dan (Harp A, M50) 214.000; 6 T Sekretar­czyk (M50) 213.168; 7 C Ras­mussen (DEN,

M40) 205.847; 8 I Wykes (Truro,

W35) 203.415; 9 R Free­man (BRA, M35) 200.458; 10 M Hardie (Ports J, M45) 197.058; 11 S Kil­patrick (RRC, M55) 189.753; 12 M Bis­sell (Knows) 189.468; 13 B Robb (Bitt) 186.751; 14 D More (Metro, M40) 186.441; 15 J Suck­ling (Slinn, M40) 181.408; 16 A Yates 179.484; 17 P Rowl­in­son (Clap C, M50) 178.119; 18 N Kapoor (Trent P, M45) 175.815; 19 C Smith (Serp, W40) 171.190; 20 R Tul­lett (Ports J, M55) 169.412; 21 I Fer­gu­son (Falm, M35) 164.514; 22 L La­timer (Jura

AC, M40) 163.773; 23 E Macmil­lan (Unatt, M40) 163.624; 24 S Bolton (Melth, M35) 161.419; 25 A Ve­nis

(BLR) 153.133; 26 R Glover (GWR,

W40) 151.055; 27 D Peters (Unatt, M40) 145.345; 28 A Finn (Torb, M40) 143.877; 29 P Seabrook (Finch C, W75) 132.071; 30 M Mas­nik (TVH) 131.200; 31 J Aide­born (SWE, W35) 130.597; 32 K Clarke (Sri Chin­moy MT, M50) 130.587; 33 J Young (Meltham AC) 130.000; 34 G Oliver (100KM, M80) 128.800; 35 R Har­tikainen (Hinck­ley

RC, M50) 114.997; 36 R Keefe (Falm, M45) 114.908; 37 A Jen­nings (IRL, W40) 103.600; 38 J Quinn (Serp, M45) 102.000; 39 K Sul­li­van (Bris­tol West/ AUS, M65) 100.800; 40 D Han­non (IRL, M40) 100.400;

Nor­bet Mi­ha­lik: 259km in a day

at Toot­ing


Falk: Nor­we­gian


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