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RE­SULTS of a year-long sur­vey of over 13,000 peo­ple by Eng­land Athletics re­veal that the ma­jor­ity (74%) of run­ners ex­pe­ri­ence a boost to their men­tal health from the sport.

An ad­di­tional sur­vey of the Eng­land Athletics’ RunTo­gether com­mu­nity, re­ported that 89% of all run­ners said they had in­creased hap­pi­ness as a di­rect re­sult of run­ning with oth­ers.

“Stud­ies show that in mild to mod­er­ate de­pres­sion pa­tients who ex­er­cise reg­u­larly do as well as those pre­scribed an­tide­pres­sant med­i­ca­tions or talk­ing ther­a­pies,” says Dr Averil McClel­land, GP and lead­ing mas­ters ath­lete.

Run­ning with a club brings other ben­e­fits. The poll showed that club mem­bers were more likely to be reg­u­lar run­ners (62%) when com­pared to solo run­ners (51%) who went out less of­ten.

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