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IN A SUR­VEY re­cently com­mis­sioned by Brooks Run­ning, Dr Friederike Feil, a sports nutri­tion­ist and guest lec­turer in sport and nu­tri­tion at the Uni­ver­sity of Heil­bronn in Ger­many, asked run­ners what they might eat to run fur­ther. While large num­bers of ath­letes reg­u­larly con­sume ba­nanas, en­ergy bars and pasta in the hope of im­prov­ing per­for­mance, the num­bers that would con­sider slightly more un­con­ven­tional “prod­ucts” were a lit­tle sur­pris­ing.

Of the 1000 run­ners ques­tioned, 10% said they would drink deer pe­nis wine* if it al­lowed them to run fur­ther, while a few more (13%) would eat blood cus­tard** and 24% would hap­pily munch on some cater­pil­lar fun­gus for the ques­tion­able mar­ginal gains that each would bring.

“I’m amazed by the things that run­ners are will­ing to eat and drink to run fur­ther,” said Dr Feil. “I re­ally wouldn’t rec­om­mend any­one eat­ing blood cus­tard or drink­ing deer pe­nis wine, as it might make you rather un­well dur­ing your run.”

The doc­tor then went on to ques­tion a food many will ac­tu­ally con­sume be­fore run­ning: “I also wouldn’t ad­vise eat­ing pasta be­fore a run be­cause it spikes the blood sugar, which stops your fat me­tab­o­lism, which you will def­i­nitely need to keep run­ning.

“Pasta is also hard to di­gest. The less work your gut has to do, the more en­ergy you have. How­ever, eat­ing a ba­nana at least two hours be­fore a run will give you some ex­tra en­ergy to run fur­ther.” * The Mas­sai will cur­dle cow blood and milk to­gether to form a blood cus­tard to eat to help them run fur­ther.

** Deer pe­nis wine was drunk by ath­letes to boost their per­for­mance and was sub­se­quently banned from the 2008 Bei­jing Olympic Games. The Chi­nese rem­edy is con­sid­ered by nu­mer­ous sports fed­er­a­tions to be a per­for­manceen­hanc­ing sub­stance.

Ba­nanas: can boost your run

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